Game 918: Third Age, circa 1650, All Neutral Game

The Nation Draft online bidding form has been completed and handed off to Clint to send to the 23 players when the game is filled, which I expect could be quite soon.

Giving the Duns a backup would be good, otherwise they are an early candidate for turn 2-3 elimination.

@Elfmagic & @garethgillingham : I talked to Clint about giving the Dunlendings an upgrade. Clint thought the Dunlendings player should spend rewards points on this instead of a freebie. I defer to his judgement.

Yes Raven that is true, but then you are paying a premium for something that most nations already have.

Clint and I reviewed all nations that had one MT and some were given free upgrades while others were not, based on Clint’s experience over many decades. He knows the game so much better than I do and so I deferred to his decisions on this matter.

If this makes the Dunlendings less compelling a choice, then that probably means a smaller bid will succeed at getting this nation, giving the winning bidder more points to upgrade the Dunlendings.

I encourage all players to bid at least some points on any nation they’d be willing to play, otherwise, you’re going to end up with the leftovers at the end. Plus, you might not get your 1st or 2nd or 3rd choice based on how many other players bid on your favorites, so you might end up with a middle of the pack choice, and that is still better than leftovers.

The game is full. If there are more people who want to join, we need to start organizing another game.

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The draft has begun! All 23 players have an email from Clint with the game rules and a link to the draft form.

I predict this will be a massive thread with tons of posts once the game starts. Lots to discuss, share, taunt, threaten, etc.

If you want to play this variant but did not make it into the game in the 24 hours (!) it took to fill up, please email and we will start the queue for the second All Neutral Game.

Maybe do the same in 2950?

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I love the idea. Would you join that game if it was formed now or should I wait?

I would join, but no hurry to get started.

918 will probably fill my time anyway.

I think you have some of the same optimistic aproach to life and time for games as me. Sound fun —> join. Is fun, but to little time to realy enjoy…

So the answer is yes I will join, but not a major problem if we use a month or three to fill it :stuck_out_tongue:

It will be an All Neutrals variant on the 2950 Great Years module. I will start organizing it in a few days.

Ok, my post about the new All Neutrals game is up.

Third Age, circa 2950: The Great Years, All Neutral Game

Draft picks for Game 918 should go out the players sometime in the next 2-4 hours, I suspect, based on a note Clint posted to Discord.

REMINDER: No player diplomacy until after nation customization is finished. Nation customization is the next step after the draft before the game begins.

Hey, ho, here we go!

The game has begun!

The Player Roster:

Woodmen (1): Whit Cooper
Northmen (2): Robert Glass
Eothraim (3): Gareth Gillingham
Arthedain (4): Brad Brunet
Cardolan (5): Nick Cody
Northern Gondor (6): James Ghiotto
Southern Gondor (7): Frank Gingrich
Dwarves (8): David House
Sinda Elves (9): John Simpson
Noldo Elves (10): Ned Merrick
Witch-king (11): Christopher Merrick
Dragon Lord (12): Mark Lyon
Dog Lord (13): Clint Oldridge
Cloud Lord (14): James Sparkes
Blind Sorcerer (15): Raven Zachary
Ice King (16): Jimmie Frantz
Quiet Avenger (17): Martin Veel Svendsen
Fire King (18): NPC, unplayed
Long Rider (19): Andy Wright
Dark Lieutenants (20): Gustavo Simoes
Corsairs (21): Jo Healey
Haradwaith (22): David Emery
Dunlendings (23): Bryn Lloyd
Rhudaur (24): NPC, unplayed
Easterlings (25): Keef Allen

I have a suggestion for the future. Players who didn’t bid for nations get to bid and choose among themselves from the leftovers. If there’s only one scrooge, they get to choose from the remaining 3 nations.

  • Mikko

Interesting idea! I’ll talk to Clint.