Is anyone seeing Ents in FA?

It seems to me that Ents have disappeared from FA. I played a FP in Lorien once and got no encounters; In another game, I have a number of camps in Lorien and never see them.

Ernie says the same; we are concerned that the new software has somehow suppressed them.

Has anyone seen them recently?

Yes I have and we checked the database to make sure that they’re still wandering Fourth Age and found them to be amenable to player interaction.

Two groups of ents were known to wander FAS:
Treebeard Ents
Huorns and Ents
They can be ‘Scry-ed’ and ‘RCT-ed’.
We didn’t see them in FAS41, but we did see a group of Eagles in Fangorn. They don’t like DS… ;(

Can confirm that I’ve run into Huorns and Ents in an FA game recently, predictably attached to an FP army near Fanghorn.

Hi Scott,

I’ve been enjoying your epic game report from FAS41. You going to be joining any games soon? You’d be fun to have as an enemy or a teammate. Enthusiasm is infectious. And any thoughts on Kin-strife?


Again, I’m new to this site. Looks great tho !!
Correction: There are 3 groups of Ents in FAS.
Treebeard Ents
Skinbark Ents
Huorns and Ents

At least that’s my memory of my research from 10 years ago via the ScryChar spell.

Hello Movan. I don’t know who you are, but that’s okay. I agree, enthusiasm IS contagious. I’m happy you’re attempting to slog through my FAS41 Game Summary. No, I haven’t played KS nor looked at the Scenario in detail. But yes, I’m thinking of starting again after the holidays.

I have always favored FAS since it’s beginning. The nation setups are relatively equal, and the artys are scrambled. IMHO, it makes for a more balanced game.


Hi Scott!

All the points you mentioned about FAS are key for me too. I’m going to be playing my first FAS game soon, and I think it should be a lot of fun. In my mind, the stakes (“bragging rights”) will be higher than a normal game because it’s a military variant only scenario. Not many of this type will ever be played, so I hope it’s going to be a battle royale.

Honestly, the KS experience for me is closely related to the FAS design. The nations are more carefully balanced than the 1650 and 2950 scenarios; there is customization at set up; and the artifact numbers are randomized.

I still don’t know a lot of different aspects of the game. Incredibly, I couldn’t answer the following question with any degree of certainty:

"You have an agent going to attempt assassination against one of the following characters. Assuming these target characters belong to the same nation, which one would be easier to kill?

A. Marshal Valiant, 99 command rank. Not currently commanding an army. Standing in the wild, looking for a sword he dropped.

B. Proclamator Silvertongue, whose ranks are as follows: 79c, 79a, 80e, 79m. Same locaton, looking for the same sword.

You get the point. In determining the difficulty of this job, is it total ranks, or just the highest rank of the target character whom the assassin intends to kill? I seem to recall that B. Silvertongue would be easier to kill because his 80 emissary rank (his highest) is less than Valiant’s command rank. But that doesn’t seem to make a ton of sense.

Anyway, cheers, and good gaming!

Assassination and Kidnap are performed against the highest single skill rank. So Silvertongue would be easier to whack.

I don’t believe stealth of the target figures into the equation. Though obviously helps the assassin.

Back to the issue of Ents. I still maintain that their frequency has dropped through the floor from the old days.

But one thing I’m quite certain about, they used to show up on popcenters in the forest, and you would know to send an army there. Has anyone had that experience at all? I’ve never seen them show up as NPC’s in a popcenter, only just randomly encountered them with FP armies.