KS Questions

Interesting thread. I like putting conventional wisdom to the test. For clarity’s sake, Tim and Mormegil are talking about a grudge match Kin-strife scenario. Everybody can coordinate information, coordinate movements, targets, etc. I’m in several KS gunboat games now and think different “rules” apply.

By the way, I’d be interested to know what nations you two played in that game.


@ Movan you are right that in GB games things are a bit different. But when a bit of coordination is needed to give a Nation a backup capital, the same amount is needed to physically eliminate it. Plus within the duos there should be enough Options to support each other.

@ Tim you learned that lesson to perfection in our next game. I remember around turn 15 we cursed out Gandalf and Elrond on the same turn. I thought you’d never recover from that blow. But your character development was so excellent that you not only did recover but beat us on the character field.

Exactly Bernd, you took down two high value characters, and although it hurt us, Tony and I were totally prepared for the loss, even though it was unexpected to lose both characters. It slowed us for two turns but then we had two new replacement characters ready to go.

My opinion, you had better have characters, and you better have a plan in case you lose some high value characters, especially in Kinstrife.



We played against each other, but in reality I have total say so in all seven nations, as my brother and I run all seven nations between us. So our coordination is outstanding.

Bernd was playing with two longtime teammates as well, so they have excellent communication and coordination as well.

It’s almost like you are running all seven nations as you have significant input into overall strategy.

Hope that explains.


That’s helpful, Tim. Thanks! I’m wondering, if you could play just one KS scenario in 2020, would it be a Gunboat, Grudge, or “open” game with pre-aligned neutrals, or pure neutrals? I guess that’s four choices. To answer my own question, I like the fog of war aspects of gunboat games. It adds a role-play element that makes the gaming and strategy decisions more alluring. Anything to trick the imagination into believing we are not just pushing numbers around, computer codes, and lifeless chess pieces. Would Elrond personally challenge a 10-point emissary of a friendly nation just to get a mage level boost? Not in my universe. But I think in a grudge match, it’s full throttle, everything goes. Everyone is pressing for an advantage because they all know they’ll need it to win. And I understand that too. The 4 vs. 4 game, 683, looks attractive in that way too.

There is a different quality to all of these game types. GB is nice if you want to invest a limited amount of time. But to be honest, a grudge game with pre-aligned neutrals is the Champions-league. When you face equally skilled opponents, there is no match for the intensity of that game. But OTOH you have to invest a lot of time and concentration, and even the smallest mistake can be fatal. That can be stressful, especially if real life issues get in the way. One thing I’d never do again is playing a game with free neutrals. You put the fate of the game into other peoples Hands, and regardless of how good you Play, their decisions can ruin it all for you. Not interested in that any more.