The Front Sheet (Updated 16th October 2020)

Games Filling

FAS Grudge Game Team looking for opposition.

Champions of Middle-earth Tournament
Rolling heats - join today!

Champions of Middle-earth
Try our brand new module!

Game 907: 1650 2 nation Gunboat
One champion character per nation.
Rewards (additional setup bonuses).
Northmen and Quiet Avenger have a 40 em.
Result sharing (with same allegiance!) and Discord diplos.
Depending on player preference, we might make this a 1 week turnaround game.

5/12 positions available

Game 906: 1650
One champion character per nation.
12 vs. 12 Game
Northmen and Quiet Avenger have a 40 em.

13/24 nations available

Game 691: Kin-strife 2 nation Gunboat
3/6 positions available

Game 693: Kin-strife
Up to 2 nations per player.
8/14 nations available

Game 246: 2950 12 vs 12 Game
One champion character per nation.
Up to 2 nations per player - play one, get one half price.

12/24 nations available

Game 404: Fourth Age 3 nation Gunboat
3 nations per player, one free whilst you have three.
2/8 positions available



New Module! Now on our 26th game…
We are very pleased to announce the release of our brand-new 2 player module, Champions of Middle-earth.
Visit our website for details and to sign up:

Seriously rave reviews guys… it’s really is our best game yet…



MEPBM Discord Server
We’ve got over 100 people chatting away on Discord now…

Here are the steps to join…
Step 1: Download Discord on your computer and/or phone:

Step 2: Use the downloaded Discord app to create a free Discord account.
Step 3: Join the MEPBM Discord.

Why join MEPBM Discord?
Connect with fellow players over text or audio chat
Ask questions
Organize games
Etc, etc.