The Front Sheet (Updated 20th August 2021)

Games Filling

Champions of Middle-earth
Try a game of our latest 2 player module, now with rebalanced NPCs!

Game 252: 2950 Gunboat
Play three nations, pay for two!
4/8 positions available

Game 927: 1650 Gunboat
1 week turnaround
Discord diplomacy, and result sharing among team
Bid system and starting rewards
2 nations per player.
One champion character per nation.
Northmen and Quiet Avenger have a 40 em.

5/12 positions available

Game 929: 1650
Pre-aligned neutrals to ensure a balanced game.
Up to 2 nations per player.
One champion character per nation.
Northmen and Quiet Avenger have a 40 em.

20/24 nations available
Game 601: Kin-strife 2 nation Gunboat
2 nations per player.
4/6 positions available

Game 699: Kin-strife
Up to 2 nations per player.
Pre-aligned or unaligned starting neutrals will be decided nearer game start.

13/14 nations available

Game 410: Fourth-age
(was 409)
Standard game, with Kingdoms and neutral nations.
Up to 2 nations per player.

17/25 positions available

None at present.

Grudge teams seeking opposition
None at present.

Important notice about emails
In an effort to reduce the amount of spam that we receive, we are going to close all email addresses except for
Hopefully you already use this address to contact us, but if you are using some variant (,, etc), please change to, or we will not see your emails.
(Note that orders sent to us from JOverseer will still be delivered to as usual, but please do not use this address to communicate with us.)



New Module!
Our new 2 player module, Champions of Middle-earth, is proving very popular.
Visit our website for details and to sign up:



MEPBM Discord Server
We’ve got over 100 people chatting away on Discord now…

Here are the steps to join…
Step 1: Download Discord on your computer and/or phone:

Step 2: Use the downloaded Discord app to create a free Discord account.
Step 3: Join the MEPBM Discord.

Why join MEPBM Discord?
Connect with fellow players over text or audio chat
Ask questions
Organize games
Etc, etc.