The Front Sheet (Updated 22 January 2020)

Games Starting Soon

Tony Huiatt FP or KS 1650 grudge game looking for opposition
Scott Baltes FAS Grudge team, potetnially with a Regional Draft variation

If you think you might be interested in competing against either team above, please get in touch!

The following games are currently accepting setups, and due to start soon. Click on any of the links below full details or to sign up.

1650 2 wk (Game 87) 9/24 nations available. (Upto 2 nation game, 12v12 no neutrals, Champion)

Kinstrife GB 2 wk (Game 683) 4/4 duos nations available (3 nation game) (If desired I’ll make it a 2nation game)

Kinstrife (Game 682) 11/14 nations available. (Upto 2ntn) Pre-aligned Neutral KS game (Khaz Usu, Tirk Loy).

1000 FAS (Game 401) 15/25 positions available (Upto 2 nations per player).

1650 GB 2 wk (Game 83) 7/12 positions available (2 nation game. One Champion per nation.)