The Front Sheet (Updated 29 May 2020)

Champions of Middle-earth:

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Grudge Games:

Kin-strife Loyalist team looking for Usurpers team to play

If you think you might be interested in organizing a grudge team, please get in touch!

Other Games:

The following games are currently accepting setups, and due to start soon. Click on any of the links below full details or to sign up.

Kinstrife (Game 690) 9/14 (up to 2 nations) with Neutrals.

Kinstrife Gunboat (Game 689) 3/6 nation duos available. (2 Nation Gunboat game).

1650 Gunboat 2 wk (Game 93) 3/12 nations available. (Gunboat, 2 nation game. One Champion per nation. NM has 40 Em, QA had 40 Em)

1650 12v12 2 wk (Game 96) 16/24 nations available. (12v12 game, up to 2 nations per player, Champion, NM has 40 Em, QA had 40 Em)

1000 FAS (Game 401) 7/25 positions available (Up to 2 Nations).