1650 Game 94 Greetings!

Greetings to all allies and enemies, both current and potential. Dragon Lord checking in, looking forward to a good game!


Pirates of Umbar checking in. May the world burn!!

FK-94 checking in. Looking forward to a fun challenge. Hoping for a balanced Neutral split and long hard-fought game!

Hi Rhudaur here and open to dialogue

Greetings from Gondor,

I am really glad to see so many new and returning players in Game 94. MEPBM has really been growing in popularity over the past few years I am happy to say.

So to all the new and returning players, Welcome and Welcome Back! :smiley: To everyone Good Game and Good Luck!

Rhudaur how about you and I chatting? You can reach me at Larry_Lee47@yahoo.com.

I will explain to you how the DS need all the help they can get :smile:

Easterlings are here as well. Propositions from both sides will be seriously considered.


Cardalon checking in. Good game to all.


The Éothraim nation sends greetings.

Hey everyone, I’m brand new. :grimacing:

Ice King checking in. Looking forward to kill you all… :skull_and_crossbones: :coffin:

Dark Lts here!

I’m one of the returning players, wasn’t a 100% sure whether to come back but now I have a turn sheet I’m buzzing! Watch out Free Peeps, Gothmog’s gonna get ya! :slight_smile:


Haradwaith checking in.

@Ulrik I can be reached at natehieter@gmail.com if you would like to start a dialogue.

I tried to send direct message via the forum but since I just signed up to the forums several features are not immediately available…

Greetings to all from the NM. Hoping for a unique, fun and balanced game.
If you need to reach me I am at johnsemag@aol.com
Looking forward to touching base with the Neutrals.
I do not see the Duns? Anyone hear from them yet?
Good Gaming Everyone - John

Welcome guys, g’luck - lots of players joined the game that either are new or haven’t played in a while so it will be a learning experience for a lot of players! Enjoy and if you have any questions feel free to get back to me, email is quickest.

Clint (GM)

Nate - this should be working now. Apologies for the delay. I had to add first post approval by moderator last week due to an increase in SPAM posts getting through.

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Duns checking in

By the way, should any neutral (or Freep for that matter!) have problems contacting me through the MEPBM forum messaging system, you may also send an email to me at speedracer75@yahoo.com

Dragon Lord 94

I almost forgot!

To reach the Quiet Avenger, email me at mepbem@verizon.net

Hello from the Quiet Avenger! I hope we’ll be working together soon!

Warning to other unaligned nations. The so called free people might attack you without warning, in their greedy hateful expansion. Several Easterling towns were sacked by Dwarves, Northmen and Eothraim oppressors. Human crisis was overwhelming with refugees escaping the terrror of the new conquerors.
We have received humanitarian aid from Mordor. Do not believe the Elven propaganda!

Ovatha of the Easterlings