1650 Gunboat Dunlendings mistake

OK, I’m on a roll, and on another rant. :slight_smile: That what insomnia does to me.

If you look at the 1650 northwest in the Gunboat variant, you will see that Cardolan/Arthedain is fairly well-matched against WK/Rhudaur, and if the DS are sly they can even slip past the Free to take key popcenters.

When I play Cardolan I pray to Elbereth (and send a T1 diplo to request) that the Dunlendings send everything they have north. They really have to, in order to cement the FP victory there. They could hold off a turn and see if the Dwarven T1 diplo says he is moving against Rhudaur, in which case this would free him to send cavalry east, if he wants. But apart from that, the FP really need his forces to hit Rhudaur and help protect Cardolan against an early blitz.

This can literally lose the game for the FP, or at least lose the northwest. IMO of course, the Dunlendings MUST use their initial armies against Rhudaur and continue hitting hard until victory is assured, and only then send aid to his North Gondor partner.

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Hi Jeremy, I totally agree with you with you. If the duns send everything up north and the goblin gate dwarves keep going west, Rhudaur is not going to be able to stop both of them.

Depending on what NG does, NG might lose a few towns in Rohan with the dun cav going north but I think it’s worth it to take Rhudaur down.

A character error I have seen multiple times with the Duns is too few commanders. Lose them all and you are done(Dun)…

Duns have 6 commanders at start. This is the second time I’ve seen someone raise the idea of Duns running out of commanders. I find it odd. Sure they probably won’t name many more if the original ones don’t get killed, but I don’t see them losing all of them suddenly.
There are nations with fewer starting commanders.