1650 Gunboat - Easterlings?

I sometimes wonder if it might be workable to play 1650 gunboat – or regular – with the Easterlings instead of one of the other neutrals. It might add some variance to the game.

Of course, when I consider them as DS, it suddenly makes the Eothraim and Northmen EXTREMELY vulnerable, and the same about Mordor if they are FP.

However, assuming they would replace Harad or Corsairs so as not to impact the delicate balance in the northwest, as DS that would leave (say) Harad free from any major assault and able to focus on QA and Mordor.



Rhun freeps can’t handle Easterlings.
Mordor can’t handle Harad humanwave.
Navies would become meaningless.

I’ve tried to think of a way to get Easterlings into any kind of prealigned 1650 game, but I don’t see any plausible scenario where it would work. It’s a shame really bcs I really like the Easterlings.

If they start Dark they’re gonna lose all the northern stuff pretty quick, before the bulk of their armies can arrive.If they start Free that would be one damn sweet position, though you better hope for an early blitz as you’d be in deep trouble middle game.
Just one person’s opinion, neutrality for a couple of turns to consolidate is a big plus.

In a gunboat game, Easterlings and Corsairs go Dark, Dunlendings and Rhudaur are Free, Harad isn’t played. Easterlings will unbalance in the east, Northmen and Eothraim more vulnerable, but WK ousted quicker. I’d love to play in that, preferably as Easterlings!

Free Rhu is a disaster in every sense.