1650 Gunboat Long Rider strategies

I wish there was a way to start a general “1650 Gunboat Strategies and Mistakes” post, that could have sub-threads for each nation, but I don’t see how to do that, so I’m making a separate post for each nation that I want to discuss.

I play a lot of 1650 Gunboat and I just want to put a word in here, for discussion, that I think that the most important missions for Din Ohtar are:

  1. Protect 3822. As an Eothraim I once sent an army around only to have my commander taken out at 3922 to my shock. Of course, the LR cavalry can also protect, though typically only for one turn of blocking.
  2. Potentially guard the CloudLord capital. In the same game, as the North Gondor, I had sent all my troops southeast of Mordor, again to have a shock when at 3631 my army commander was assassinated (by Din Ohar per a nation message). I’m still not sure how the player realized that I was doing this, but perhaps they used their extra commander from 3329 to recon at 3028 on turn 1 to see if I was gathering my forces.
  3. Take out the bridge at 2924, and then 2927. This is most important to stop the flow of troops from North and South Gondor.and give Mordor some relief.

a second task for the Long Rider only applies if Uvatha is in charge of the LC army at 3230. This puts him in position to protect the QA’s vulnerable small popcenters from a Gondor cavalry force. Instead of doing the obvious and going into North Harad, he can march to 3334 and remove the bridge which is a BIG help to the QA who can virtually be bled to death by the loss of his eastern holdings, and against which he can do little.

After taking out the bridge, Uvatha can move against Harad’s southern towns if he wishes.

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I feel strongly that these, especially #3

The lR agent artifacts are much better used in CL hands - so you could visit the CL capital and donate them.
OR the Eothraim rely heavily on their initial gold reserve. Capital steals can net vast amounts from huge treasuries. Moving there on turn 0 and stealing 2 consecutive turns could create some really hard choices for the Eothraim in a game where only one other nation can give them cash. Throw in a capital challenge at the paired nation’s capital to disrupt transfers and who knows what would happen. Plus I’m sure you have a better use for that gold than the Eothraim!
The LR’s SNA for mounts is useful. If you sent the WK mounts, that could transform his prospects. Or how would the Blind Sorcerer react to a gift of say 800 mounts at his backup?

Poor Long Rider players.
Give your agent artifacts to Cloud Lord and conjure mounts and send them everyone else. While you’re at it give your mage artifact to Blind Sorcerer and Olbamarl to someone.
I certainly wouldn’t want to play LR with such pressures to completely dismantle the reasons why the nation is fun to play, to become a slave nation. At least I would ask the team to pay my turns in that case. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, and it wastes Din Ohtar’s stealth because he can’t go into action until his agent rank is higher. It means taking a killer agent out of commission. Also it will be MANY turns before the LR mages can conjure mounts reliably.

But what I was trying to say is that doing the Eothraim capital or any such things like sabotaging the Northmen fortifications, IMO HAS to come second to taking out the bridges at 2924 and 2927. That’s the whole point of my post. It’s tempting to use him for other things but the flow of troops across those bridges needs to be stopped and he’s the most likely candidate for doing it. Do that first, then go use him for other things.


Remember that it takes Din two turns at least to reach Ithilien.

It depends if you’re getting something in return. The BS might interpret the gift as ‘would you mind sending some cavalry my way?’ If the BS send cavalry to your aid, it’s a good deal.

If you use some precious diplomacy to beg enough command artifacts from the WK to have one threat capable commander, it transforms the nation.

LR has two 30 mages at start, that’s a really long way from conjuring enough horses for own AND Blind Sorc needs.
I find the idea of getting command arties from WK even more odd. Yes Uvatha has High command skill, but that’s where your idea stops on it’s tracks. There’s no conjure hordes, nor a big base to recruit.
Not really sure if you’re being serious at all, so weird do your ideas for LR sound.