241 Ends w/ DS win

Congrats to the DS for a W in a long fought 2950 gb game. It ended on t37. I tip my hat.

I played the Sylvans and White Wizard in this one.

Things we going really well for about 15 turns. However just as my Sickness Squad came on line the DS agents came online a little bit earlier.

The Greenwood, for a while clear of dark influence once again began to crawl with the nasty orcs. I was unable to stem the tide.

Sure did stink when the Woodmen were eliminated fairly early.

Until next…

Hats off to the FP as well. You guys put up a heck of a fight!

Special kudos to Elrond’s band of merry mages and agents who wrecked havoc on Mordor. I played QA, LR and then took over Dog just as he was facing Elrond’s onslaught. Tough going there for a while, but as Silvan knows the Dog surged back. :slight_smile: My nations ended up with a fair bit of real estate in Mirkwood, including the Esgaroth area and the former WK holdings. Moria was also nice and cozy for QA thanks to the Balrog’s efforts to keep the natives in line.

Still curious where some nations were keeping their capitals since we pressured SG and NG particularly hard, but no matter in the end.

A good game for sure. Catch you guys next time.

Well done DS too. Dunedain and Sinda were quite strong for a while, but Sinda never quite recovered from early DS attacks and I couldn’t make some of the early success against WK tell. Still not sure about the 2950 scenario to be honest either, think the others a bit more interesting but enjoyed the game