83 1 Wekker

OMG. Really? DS are soooo transparent.

See you in 3 weeks. From my IT world perspective where “Poof” is a technical term…well…we’re going to see Poof…Poof…Poof…

Soon enough.

Thanks for playing.

The official DS answer is;suck.png

Thank you for that appropriate and measured response. As a parent of active children who involves himself in their activities and the community, I am familiar with your position. While the memory starts to slide, I vaguely recall something about apples and trees. It is nice to know who you are dealing with when the stakes are high.


I just like saying “poof”

Did I really create a thread spelled “wekker”…?? Wow. I expect that gives you hope…

I’ve been a while trying to understand the post vene being on the same team than the OP… :confused:

Maybe is something going on that I missed!!! :rolleyes:

Anyway it’s always fun to read Brad posts even the misspelled ones :smiley:

Hey FP!

I’m your Huckleberry! How did you like our street howitzer at Barad Ungol?

Did things go as planned? I heard no poof poof poof???

Hugs and Kisses!

Tónn Varthkûr

I have to admit it was a suprise…

But the game has just started so… We’ll see…

As we say in Spain: “quien rie el ultimo rie mejor” / ““he who laughs last, laughs best”” :wink:

Báin the Stubborn Dwarf

More of a



Did things go as planned? I heard no poof poof poof???

Tónn Varthkûr[/QUOTE]

Nice touch indeed.
If you hurry home, you might make it in time to hear that poof poof poof sound.

We celebrate the fall of capitals. :slight_smile:

Surely you mean the Havens of Umbar?

Not really, let me help you: Morannon and Cameth Brin.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:


Probably you might have another spanish player defending Ungol. Make it possible …

Well well, I am really happy playing this game as a DS.
Darkies are a strong team.

Do you really want to finish it at T19?


Yes, you have done well with a strong citificated opening. We took a stab at something silly and it didn’t pay off. The commitment was for 19 9turns, though. I believe we’re on board to finish those turns.


I committed up to T19 and expect the game to end there. We FP would not have begun as we did if this had a chance of being a longer game.

That was certainly the intent of the game, and I polled the DS team to see how the players felt last turn. The players not attending Las Vegas wanted the game to keep going past Turn 19, as you might expect. Those of us who are going to Las Vegas are mostly in the camp wanting this game to end after Turn 19, as was originally planned.

Lidless Eye burns bright,
Free People cower in fright,
Black Gates open forth…

Eye will burn a little less bright as Dol G falls :D:
followed by Rhu
for a 2nd time :D:D

Dol Guldur is our third eye. As you know, Sauron’s powers are mighty with a single eye.

Dark magics awoke,
Elf Tharudan coughs no more,
The Lidless Eye smiles.