A question for Kin-strife players

Hello - I am in my first Kin-strife game. I’m loving the theme and details of the Kin-strife variant, quite a lot, actually. But…things aren’t quite like any other MEPBM variant I am playing in regards to the level of communication that is taking place, between team members and with the Neutrals. It feels as close to a Gunboat game as anything that isn’t actually marked as a Gunboat game.

Is this common? Does Kin-strife draw in less communicative, less team-oriented players than the other variants, or is my experience unusual for Kin-strife? One game does not give me enough insight to know.

There are less total players in Kin-strife (14 max vs. 25 max), so while this may have something to do with it, there’s a lot less than 50% of the communication that normally takes place, so it seems to be more than this factor to me.

All thoughts and feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Always just varies game to game in my opinion. I was in a KS and the communication was extensive, planning was expansive and the feedback and suggestions were excessive! (couldn’t think of another word to make my three ex’s…) :slight_smile: