About the mepbmlist category

An import of all messages posted to the mepbmlist Yahoo Group from 1999 to 2019. These historical messages have been imported to the MEPBM Forums so that the content can be searchable by players.

NOTE: The 22,000+ email messages from the mepbmlist Yahoo Group were imported to the MEPBM Forums as individual messages, not as conversation threads. In most cases, you will not see the entire conversation history based on a single topic (from the subject line in the email) as the import script cannot easily distinguish between a common, repeated subject title such as “New Riddle” or “Important Announcement” from two different periods of time (e.g. the years 2001 and 2012) talking about entirely different topics that just happen to use the same subject names. In some cases, the import script was able to group multiple messages together into a single topic based on repeated, commented text. To avoid common subject names getting grouped together into a long topics spanning multiple conversations across multiple years, we opted to import all messages from the mepbmlist Yahoo Group as single-post topics instead. As these posts are imported for historical records primarily for the ability to research various game issues and topics that have been posted about in the past, this limitation should not matter. A search for “gurthang”, for instance, will show all posts mentioning “gurthang”, even if they are not grouped in conversations.