Artifacts in the open seas?

Has anyone located an artifact in the open seas in the past 2-3 years? I haven’t, and I certainly used to find them there, in what seems like long ago.

It’s one of the reasons I take open seas in FA, out of habit, so that I can retrieve something located in the open seas. But I think (how often has Clint heard this?) that something must have changed.

It’s a shame, because in 1650, say, it gives an added benefit to nations such as the Corsairs who have Open Seas.


I don’t think I’ve ever retrieved an artefact from open seas. I think I might have tried it about 30 years ago and was so hacked off at the loss of ships that I’ve not done it since.

Makes sense.

Bu what I’m asking here is, when is the last time you cast LAT on an artifact that was in the open seas? It seems to me they are no longer ever placed there.


I have a feeling that there’s a heavily weighted table for where artifacts will appear. I see some regions almost constantly having one or another of the most sought out trinkets. You prolly know which regions I mean, at least in 1650.

Plenty in coastal waters, Not seen one in Open Seas.

I’ve not seen one in open seas for a long time. I have however, recently seen a few navies in the open seas near to my nations. These navies didn’t attack anywhere and just seemed to disappear. I assumed they were looking for artefacts. I suppose sea monsters might have eaten them.

Yes, just least turn I found one in the open water. I’ve seen a couple others in the water in other games recently as well.