Bizarre new riddle, help!

Can anyone help me with the following weird riddle?

Ba → Bo _> B0 → Br → Br → Bo →
A name is want I want to hear,
so say it out loud and clear.

The third sequence is B0, that is, B followed by the number 0, not a capital O.

Could the answer be BaBoB0BrBrBo? Or ao0rro ? And what does this have to do with Middle Earth??

Grateful for help!


The wiki claims the answer is Morwen. I think all the Bs have to do with the family tree of the House of Beor. You can see it here:

@Rich_Thomas ran into this riddle last January and probably knows the answer. Rich?

When you say, “the wiki claims the answer is Morwen” you mean our mepbm wiki? Of course I looked there, but didn’t find the riddle under the “B” section.

Thank you – I will look into your answer on the Gateway, and check with Rich.

(Surely the 0 should be a O ? :slight_smile: )


Looking at the lineage, what I’ve found so far that ALMOST matches, is:

A - Baran
O - Boron
O - Boromir
R - Bregor
R - Bregolas
O - ? It breaks down there, Bregolas children were Beleth, Baragund and Belegund, so no “O”. Baragund was Morwen’s father. So it’s close, but no cigar. Would have to be “Ba” to be Morwen’s father Baragund. I’ve emailed Clint asking him to check that it is what is intended.


Yes, our wiki. This page:

I need to update it with the full riddle, it looks like!

Thank you!

Seems like it should be under “B” not “A” :slight_smile:



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I added my answer to the wiki: I answered Morwen as a Dark Servant and got killed – Jeremy