Can you give the One Ring to Sauron?

I wonder what happens if you have the One Ring in the hex where Sauron is and you 360 it to him? :slight_smile:


We could spend approximately $4,000 in turn fees and find out in a 1v1 grudge game of 1650?

I’m in!! Let’s do it :slight_smile:

I have done this in both KS and CME- nothing happens. Sauron uses the Ring like any other character.

Well that’s disappointing. Ah well… :slight_smile:

It’s been a little while since I played 1650 but I think in that version Sauron is wandering around, mainly as an army encounter. Has anyone tried to give him the one ring in 1650?

KS and CMS are not 1650… 1650 Sauron is a military encounter. But, he’s still in the hex. How much $$ would we have to blow to engineer such an event…??

I heavily favour a failed order result, to some extent. But I can see where your whimsy is taking you…