Champion, one per nation variant

I have been looking everywhere I can think of for any reference material on this variant for the TA 1650 scenario and I can’t find anything. Could someone let me know where I can find it? Specifically I am looking to answer these questions:
Are the champions always the same for each nation?
If so, who are the Free Peoples and neutral characters who get the champion duty? (I know the DS)
Can a champion character be the one to get the starting character bonus that each nation gets at random?
Can champion characters be recruited by other nations after their nation is eliminated?
If so, does it affect the recruitment cost?
Once recruited by another nation can a champion still issue 3 orders?
Is there a maximum number of champions that a nation may command in the above speculation?
Can a game be won by a champion issuing a 215 and two 990 orders?
Can a mage cast 3 spells in 1 turn? If so, how much health is lost?

I am playing with a champion and I would love to know which of my enemies is the champion for his/her nation. 3 orders on a character changes things. It also makes teleport artifacts more valuable to them. I really like the variant. I want to play more of it. I want to know everything there is to know about it!


Yes the champion is always the same, it’s so that the game is balanced .

Fp there’s a list with all the games. Email me and I can send that on but if you’re in a game it’s listed in the main body of the email with your turn (game message) along with any other variant rules or guidelines.

Random bonus yes, ie they are a normal character other than they have 3 actions not 2. I guess a 215, 990, 990 scenario is possible…

3 spells yes, if they’re different class, but watch out for the health loss.

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