Champions of Middle-earth

We’re looking for a player (and then players) to play-test CME
(Champions of Middle-earth) our new 2 player module.

  1. You’re not allowed to discuss it with anyone else, and that does
    actually mean you can’t discuss it (there is no such thing as Fight Club).

  2. Feedback will be needed in terms of balance, theme, playability
    and anything else you think might be appropriate. The game is
    similar in feel to elements of KS in terms of development; you start
    off small and quickly get big.

  3. Only automated players for testing, sorry guys. Only people who
    are presently playing games atm.

  4. We can only handle 3/4 test games at present (as we’ll be fixing
    stuff as it goes along). So you’ll have to be able to take it that
    the game is in development so things won’t necessarily work 100% the
    way they should be. In that case you’ll just have to lump it! So
    for example a combat might go horribly wrong - we won’t do an edit
    like we do in normal games, we’ll just move on and have the coder fix
    it, your big assassin/curse/100 rank Em might die in an encounter,
    sorry guys, move on. You get the idea. :slight_smile: (In advance - of course
    in the normal game we’ll fix any things that are broken but this is a
    play test).

  5. It’s free. But you’ll need to send in turns very regularly
    (probably daily, w/ends excepted).

Get back to me if you’re interested.


your big assassin/curse/100 rank Em might die in an encounter

Doesn’t this currently happen in all ME Games? I know it used to be that way in 1650 with dragon encounters and I still see high level characters in KS that get whooped up on by spirits/wights.

Same can be said for challenges. Every dog has it’s day. Have seen the rare 15cr Emissary beat a 100+cr Mage. It is rare, but it can happen.

I might be able to help with this, but not sure about being able to send something in every day. But should be on most days.

I participated in a test game - almost a year ago now. Any movement on this module?


I also participated in the test and I liked it, hopefully it will be available some day :slight_smile:


We’re doing lots of backdrop work on CME atm. Automating processing as much as possible. We’ve got a “final” set of changes to implement to balance the module then we’re going to market it shortly and have it on general release.