Change to 100,000 dragons

Seems to me that the dragons who are recruitable with 100,000 gold were created with the original game in mind, which could run indefinitely, and by turn 75 the survivors could easily raise that kind of gold. Now that the game is curtailed by turn 52, I think that those dragon responses should be changed so you can recruit them with much less; either 10k, or perhaps Andy Wright’s suggestion of 25k.



Hmm, not so sure as this give the DS more dragons which are already a plague. If it the encounters were changed 2 to DS, 2 to FP, and 1 to both, then maybe.

Im not sure I agree with the turn number logic, as with the age of the internet and dragon encounters being mostly solved, I think in a 52 turn game the DS are getting way more dragons in one game than they would have in the old pen and paper days when nothing was solved or information was limited.

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100K or two artifacts. Those drakes provide some balance to the game nowadays as DS poking their noses around might get killed in couple occasions. I think it’s fine as it is. (as much as the frequent DS player in me disagrees)

  • Mikko

I don’t think we should be changing this either. I’m not a fan of making the game easier, although this change would make it more difficult for the Free.

How about treating it like the Kin Strife recruitment of Sauron? Has to be a fairly high ranking emmy who will be sacrificed in the process?

Not sure that would be a good idea. You get a character after Sauron kills your character. Sacrificing characters for Dragons seems odd… Any self respecting Dragon would want more than one anyway.

I don’t want to change this, I’m aware that some players have not fully explored Dragon encounters, most players appear to think it’s a book that’s ended, but like the Lotr book there’s always that next bit to read on…

Yes the game has moved on, usually faster (internet/sharing/team-play) but some games still have big funds available.