Cloud Lord Agents

CL char: “Greetings Thergor, and Ingar, from our Lord Ji Indur! We were sorry to hear of the fall of Adunaphel’s nation and his demise. But we welcome you to the ranks of the mighty Cloud Lord’s characters, and are grateful that you accepted our offer of gold to join us”

Thergor: “I too was saddened by the crushing of our beautiful wickedness by those pesky Free Peoples, but was won over by your generous offer.”

Ingar: “As was I”

Cloud: “Well Thergor, now that you are a member of our Order of Assassins, we can let you in on the secret that makes Cloud Lord agents so much more effective in their kidnapping and assassination attempts, so that you too may take advantage of this wondrous benefit.”

Thergor: “Ahh, I must admit, I have been hoping to learn this! It is known throughout the world that Ji Indur’s agents have remarkable success due to this secret technique. What is it, I eagerly await your reply!”

Cloud: “It is just this. When you target someone, approach from the BACK, not the front!!”

Thergor: “Amazing! How simple, and yet I never would have thought of it! Approach from the back, so that they can’t see you coming! What a brilliant concept. I thank you and I pledge my undying loyalty”

Cloud: “And now that we have shared our secret with you, Ingar, you are now a high-ranking emissary; perhaps you could share Adunaphel’s method for turning out such effective emissaries?”

Ingar: “Um, I forget”