CME 833 and 843

Hello hello. Just a quick greeting after about 20 years somnolence.

I’m playing Freeps in CME 833 (now on turn 8) and DS in 843 (just got turn 0)

Looking forward to the games…! :slight_smile:

Ian K.

…aaaaaand to Celeborn and Glorfindel who turned up at GoblinGate turn 6 in CME843: too late!

You guys are so screwed. :slight_smile:

I’ve been very lucky with Reveals… have managed to get three out of four: Caras Galadhon (now mine), Cerin Amroth (now mine), missed Hobbiton (whatever), and just revealed Imladris. Oooh, mama.

Might have been a bit presumptuous on that. Who knew that Celeborn was packing HC? Not the Great Goblin, that’s who.

Hoped you’d like that, was still close though.

Talk about the king of just in time / just enough…

I guess you’ve got Elrond running around (re-)hiding Hobbiton and such…

Bah! :slight_smile:

Jeez. I’ve got to say I’m impressed.

  1. Legolas claims Durin’s Bane and The Great Goblin one after the other.
  2. Eowyn shows up next to Hobbiton with 2k troops. It took me a surprisingly long time to work out that they are probably HC.

I’m really enjoying the pace - thanks for that!

Seriously? How. The Hell. Do you even have an economy anymore?

Or have you stashed 17 MTs off the edge of my map?? :slight_smile:

P.S. Legolas has been a busy boy, hasn’t he?
Great Goblin, Durins Bane, Khamul, and a random army commander… pretty much one turn after another. I can’t wait to see what fresh knifing the next turn will reveal.

Economy is just fine thanks. Yours is looking good due to less upkeep on your dead NPC’s. :smile:

I am your DS opponent in 833. Well met and good luck.

Bob N.

p.s. you can find me daily on the discord server

Well that was a damp squib at Hobbiton!

Yeah was that, expected carnage.

Apologies to both of you - I somehow convinced myself that I’d submitted orders. Have done so now.

everything ok? been a while since my orders were submitted for 833.

Sorry, heavy time at work. Both now in. I’ll try to not be so irregular!

Good game, shame real life gets in the way sometimes.