CME challenge

I’m looking to play a game of CME, I don’t mind which side (I’ve got a slight preference for FP just to test something but really don’t mind). For those that are anxious that a GM gets an advantage then this isn’t the game for you. :slight_smile: :innocent: I’m off on hols next week for a week so it’s likely to be after that.

So it’s likely to be a fast turnaround game, first few turns I’ll try and process as quickly as I can (yep me, but don’t worry I won’t see anything I shouldn’t). Then we might slow down a little. So I’m not looking for opposition that wants to play once a week… :slight_smile: :roll_eyes: Game is likely to be over in a couple of weeks.

Any takers? Fast and furious.

Clint (as a player)


Sorry as mentioned in Discord, my taking of the GB 3x a week game means that I don’t think I could do this game justice. There is a player looking for a game atm though.

Might be able to when the game settles… :slight_smile: