CME Variant

I know, I know. It might be way too early to consider a variant to CME, but I’m wondering if anyone cares to play against me in a “no spirit-mastery” version? We either ignore the three SM artifacts and never retrieve them, or we can retrieve them only for their mage rank value and agree never to learn/cast spells 502, 504, 506.

I don’t want to start a bunch of random CME games in order to get lucky and have the game experience where SM isn’t a dominant factor. For me, I imagine the module would be a lot more fun without SM. Anyone who wants to give this a shot, give me a shout.

I’d play a CME game with a No-Spirit Mastery agreement.

Same, I’d be up for a no SM arty game too. But need to finish the finals of season 1 first. Hopefully it wont be too much longer.


Season 3 out soon with the new updates. We’re not removing Weak/Sick but Curses are out for the time being.