While in Discord chat we might be more approachable than in games, there are certain manners that still should be really followed.

  • No Politics or political names/memes, they are never a good idea.

  • No Religion ever at all.

  • M

Don’t get crazy like I do.

Yes like many Social media platforms it can be easy to get carried away where if you were sitting opposite the person things would, I hope, be more civilised. Time to move on, I’ve removed the posts that seem inappropriate and I hope that’ the end of it. Having run communal games for decades I get that passions run high, but I continue to reserve the right to interpose as appropriate.

Clint (GM)

Wait! No politics! Does that mean I can’t challenge the legitimacy of the Stewardship? Is Will Whitfoot above criticism?

Not a good topic for “humorous” quips really.