F2f barcelona...needs your support!

I heard a whisper the other day, that another of those “legalised” torture sessions is being run by that Multi- Hatted Slave driver from MEG. Some of the pleasures you may experience, include an excellent sleep deprivation program. Highly recommended!
Other highlights include, guaranteed abuse in a language you cannot understand!
Dodgy food! Great beer!
But the main event! A magnificent regime of “Jo”!! Its a real hoot, watching people run round, akin to headless chickens, trying to avoid the stare of c, why you frantically cram in as many errors as you can and try and not get noticed. No seriously…

“No, this Jo thing is…well , not coffee,(Gorthog drinks all that. I have seen him. Others too!) the brochure says, (gotten posh nowadays, fancy fonts and pictures too!,) all thrown in for free mind. Its similar to waterboarding, (now sadly, we have to reserve solely for lightweights) but slightly more intense.” However, the real kicker, wait for it, is you get to do it, every hour! Billy Bonus!!
Finally once you have raped your bank account, you get to the destination.
Its a couple of stops past Exhausted. Somewhere between Flat line & Coma! Not to be missed.

According to the Hat man, we are a half dozen players shy of making this happen. Apparently, these hosts, are “top drawer”. I relish a challenge, but I cannot do it on my own. WE need you!

I understand that us in the UK would rather have it in Blackpool, somewhere with a decent Footy stadium to visit ( perhaps, Hull, eh Mike S) but you can’t have everything in life. Some things you just have to do. This event is one of them!

As an incentive, yes, that’s how keen I am for this to happen, I have been to many, fond memories of scout huts and soft, “hard” wood floors!, bliss, Jan 2002 Copenhagen, and here we are eighteen years later, still chomping at the bit, absolute glutton for punishment,

I will pay the cost of an additional space, that amount to be offered as a discount divided by six. This would represent a saving of 20%, In real terms its £55, the UK airfare, at least one way.
So that’s the next six players that sign up for this in the MEG email account from when this goes live…
will get £55 OFF the advertised rate.
So if you shared, much more fun, twice the smell! I forgot to mention that…join the dots…Wonderful!

Go on, it would be rude not to!!

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On top of that, I’ll say Barcelona is a lovely city :grinning:

We’ll be happy to have you in the city.

Good to hear it Bain!
I can’t believe there are places left! Once we have a green light I’m hoping to get in a day early.
I really really want to see the Nou Camp, cannot speak a word of Spanish, perhaps one of our hosts is a Barcelona fan and would be up for coming with, i would be happy to pay for a tour etc, if he could translate etc. I will need coffee at some point. You have been warned. I promise to play nicely. I wont bring any sharp objects. I promise my precious, I…
“Sorry normal service will resume, once, Dox has had his anti psychotic medication”

Ha! as you say it’ll be rude not too!

Passes obtained, leave booked, children sold (well I’m not going to spend my savings am I!?)

I’m also thinking about getting in on the 26th, it is, as you say, a great city to explore.


I will be very happy to help you with the language. But the Camp nou… I’m Espanyol fan… (we sort of hate each other you know…) I try not to set a foot there… But, I can make an exception (I’ll pretend I’m somewhere more likely… the Bahamas?)

That’s fantastic news. The power of Discount!
We will be doing a strict reservation for first on the rack btw, “shorter people, will be prioritised”.
I haven’t managed to sell my children yet, I was considering it, but realised we couldn’t. The night shift is grossly understaffed, (some are becoming troublesome, having to employ a reduced oxygen week to stifle, but concerned it might over spill into the plastic reclamation area.)

We currently have a big rush order on from that big tick sports company, begins with N I think. Some who hah about a canadian bird and a ginger geyser. No idea what that’s about. The dog is at work so got that covered. Just need a stone of bacon, and my washing line to sleep on. You wont catch me sleeping on soft floors again. They lied.
Otherwise good to go! Anybody else??? Roll up, roll up…