FAS 47 3 nation GB game regional variant

I have had a last minute drop from the game set-up for the FAS 3 nation GB game. Any takers? I’ll throw in some freebies.

DS allegiance, so need to select regions from following regions (choosing any region gives you the 8k gold bonus).

I’ll be listing allegiances and triplet choices in the game. No kid/ass allowed as a set-up, Racial bonuses (eg extra hidden PCs for Elves etc).

Racial Modifiers for DS.
Humans - Improve loyalty of 4 pcs by 20 points each. Gain a 10 Emissary item. Gain 200 LC in your start army.
Non-Humans - Hide one village/camp. Upgrade Fortifications of one pc by one level, 2 PCs gain 20 loyalty. Gain a 10 Agent item. Gain 100 HC in your start

Western Theatre (North Kingdom in Arnor plus 7 other regions):
> Angmar, Arnor, Dunland, Enedwaith, Eriador, Forlindon, Harlindon, Rhudaur.
> Northeastern Theatre (9 regions):
> Eastern Mordor, Iron Hills, Lorien, Northern Mirkwood, Northern Mordor., Northern Wastes, Rhovanion, Rhun, Southern Mirkwood.
> Southern Theatre (South Kingdom in Gondor plus 7 other regions):
> Far Harad, Gondor, Harondor, Khand, Near Harad, Rohan, Southern Mordor, Umbar.
> Get back to me soonest.
> Clint