From the Shire of Uncertainty came I, to test this new forum abode.

Just dropping by to test the new forum software. So, there is nothing to see here, but an old man fumbling about, inspecting nooks and crannies as he goes.

My name is Charles, and while I did have an account, already, in the old version of this site’s forum space, I decided to abandon it and just create myself a new account out of thin air. Ah, the ability to create stuff out of thin air! Just like in the days of olde. . .

It will be interesting to see what the future brings for this game. Long has it been since I last touched it. Yea, I am Hoarmurath, and I shall be feared!

A long time, indeed!

And the Er-Murazor within me still remembers, still recalls. But shall I return to Middle-earth, and match wits (not much to be found in that cupboard, I’m afraid) and words (mostly just words) with creatures great and small?

Time will tell. We shall see.

So many games to play! So many games to learn! And so little time. . .

So little time. So precious, this thing called time is. Very precious, indeed!

My precious.


Be. That. As. It. May.

From PlayByMail.Net, the PlayByMail.Net Facebook page, and Suspense & Decision magazine, I bring dire greetings and great salutations!

Long may you bind them all!

Eh?! What’s this? Not even a preview button?

My, oh my, oh my! Whatever were they thinking?

And remember - from time to time, I shall be passing through. And never forget - flourish until you die, but in death become The One that Nourishes from Beyond!

Welcome Charles… enjoy

Welcome, Charles!

I’m also a returning player. The good 'ol days are not gone. After reading through the Kin-strife scenario pdf, I decided to give it a try. For strategy gaming set in Middle-earth, it looks pretty promising!

I’ve had my butt handed to me enough times by dragons in 1650 and 2950 scenarios. And jumping out of the gate to try and pick up Tinculin and the Ring of Wind, etc., got a little too formulaic. I think I’ll prefer games with the artifact numbers randomized.

Anyway, hop in a game soon! I was around in the GSI days when I had to call their office in Florida and ask meekly if they could please change one of my orders for the army marching from Shrel-kain to Dilgul. After double-checking the orders I’d sent, I could see I had my poor boys waltizing right into the Sea of Rhun…

Charles, well met! I returned about 8 years ago and have been barrelling along since. Regardless of scenario the best part of the game is still the players. Jump back in.

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