G603 Kinstrife all neutral

Hello all lovelies!

There’s a new experimental game about to start again, due to player interest.

It’s a game of the Kinstrife scenario for 12 players. But every nation will be neutral to eachother.
There will be a bid for nations with 10k of bonus points.
Remaining points you can use in addition to the normal points to build up your KS nation.
The game is aiming to have a 1week turnaround and communication is free.

At the moment the game is 6/12 filled, so six more players are needed.

e: I can’t count

Only four more slot available. If you are on the fence, take the leap before you might regret being left out from a possibly once in a lifetime (or year) experience!

Game has begun! :slight_smile:

Hello from the Quendi. I wish a good game to all players. Thank you for giving this variant a try. Quendi diplomacy can be sent to raven@rinzai.com.

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Elven trickery, no doubt.

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Dear Rulers
We the spectator(s) would be wonderfully happy if you might do a an introduction of yourself and your nation, be it dull or as colourful as you wish to write.
Please and Thank You!

  • Mikko