Game 240

The Dunlendings welcome all diplomats to the trade city of Larach Duhnnan, along the Old North Road (or the Old South Road depending upon your heritage). Leave all weapons at the second guard gate. for diplomatic communique.

PS: Bonus points for allied team(s) using instead of Yahoo Groups for coordination.

Paging Saruman the White…paging Saruman the White. Mr. White, please pick up the black courtesy Palantir in Angrenost.

Hi everyone.

Rhun Easterlings here. Darks, frees, neutrals, feel free to drop me a line to get in touch.

Huz III (Jose)

NM/NG checking in,

hope you’ll have a good one…


Hi everyone!

The dwarves checking in.

Looking forward to crash some orcs and DS skulls :stab: and for a fun game :hug:

I can be reached out at


Hello From The Riders, I want to wish everyone a good game. Neutrals, the FP does not have contact information on all of you and would appreciate a messenger. You will find we do not habitually eat messengers like they do in Mordor. Well…, the Dwarves do, but not always, so please do not be shy.

Saruman, I think Gandalf is stuck on your roof. I have been waving at him but I do not think he sees me. It’s raining and everything, do you think you can let him come inside?

The Cloud Lord sends his greetings to all. I’m sure the Free Peoples will get the point.

All neutrals can reach out to me at

Looking forward to a great game.

The Corsairs are

The Necromancer is dead. :smiley: :smiley:

We feel sorry for your loss, DrL… :rolleyes::rolleyes:

It’s over on Turn 9. Congratulations to the FP on this victory. DS - if you’d like to swap turn files, please let me know.

Not much to swap. We didn’t really have much of a chance to get going.