Game 252 Ends

Game 252 was a 3 player 2950 GB game that ended with the freep conceding on turn 19. I played the dog, ice and long rider in my first game of 2950 in about 10 years. It showed :laughing:

Long story short, the southern ds trio played a blinder and looked like they took out the gondors and northmen by themselves, whilst the NW freep played well and the wk and drag folded and the rest of us held our own. The game got messy at the end with drops and pick-ups but I think in all honesty, the DS had the initiative. Plus we had curses so it was only going to be a matter of time :stuck_out_tongue:

Short story long. 2950 is slow but in particular with my trio, I could make super agent Din turn 1 by pooling my agent artys and have a little fun. I decided to focus on the gondors and riders, blow the bridges, sabotage fortifications, conjure mounts, raise cav armies, find some artys, name some emmies and agents. I was careful not to name too many characters as we were heading towards winter and 2950 economies suck!

Din got off to a good start, IK took osgiliath, dog and lr armies got into rohan and tried to be a nuisance. But economies were crap and it wasn’t long before recruitment slowed and character naming stopped. I had named some emmies with each nation and 1 IK and 1 lr agent but not much else. A slow grind to turn 10 was made worse by what seemed like horrible luck with camping plus not helped by what looked like a dozen camps showing up on the Plains and in Rohan. So, economies tight, emmies busily training up to start pop improvements, offence pretty much limited to my agents.

Then disaster. In trying to clear the way to the riders cap, I visited 2421 with my agents. And so did the elves with their agents and sickness squad. 1 crap 930 and bye bye Din, Krusnak and Gorthog. Thankfully, I gather a CL agent popped one of the mages and that stopped the plaque. ALOT of artifacts swapped hands here - I traded collowesta for the RoC and the rider command artifacts and some mage artys😆

Eventually, i got out and went back to capital visits, though the riders characters were proving tough to take out, so much so i had to send a mage with a healing spell to keep the squad healthy. Meanwhile in Mordor, the WW was busily influencing away my camps and turning them into major towns. But by this stage, I had some decent comms with command artifacts and threatened quite a few pops, so it actually helped.

By game end, emmies were all upgrading and the economy were in much better shape plus I now had backups. Which was timely, as by now the mordor capitals were being visited by the noldor. The dog was the only one running armies but they now had a couple of hc armies in steel running near by the riders capital, including Tonn on over 150 command rank. I had 2 curse artifacts, a heap of mage toys and a tonne of mages. And despite those big agent losses early, uvatha, lomelinde and the ik and lr agents were now all killers plus i had heaps of agent artys, including the RoI finally retrieved turn 18 after a difficult riddle :laughing: and gaurhir, with 40 stealth and his mage rank developed, was almost ready to start his knifey, bad breath career!

So, I was pretty happy, I had survived the early recession and was now in a good position to keep the pressure on the riders and WW😊

And then more disaster. We’d already had a drop each with pick-ups within the game. And on turn 19, a freep playing 4 nations dropped them all. There was a little confusion and a bit of information got shared. Net result, the remaining freep decided to concede.

Well played all, it was a bloody game for sure, I had a great tussle with the riders, elves and ww. Cheers!

Ps. Quick opinion on 2950. It’s SLOW. Having played alot of 1650 reward GB games, the pace is almost excruciating slow :laughing: yes, there’s alot of skill involved to keep your nations afloat. But I do find 1650 much more fun, more options plus you can name more characters!

Well-played to the DS in this game. I’m going to toot my own horn here as the Sindar-Rangers-Dun player by saying I played a very, very good game by single-handedly taking out the Dragon Lord and Witch-king, with the Fire King dropped as a result. To the best of my knowledge, the Woodmen-Dwarves-Noldor didn’t do much except show up at Mt. Gram, Gundabad, and Dol Goldur when I had already informed them via diplos that those enemy pcs were taken care of. Aragorn threatened away 2006 and a couple of camps around it, and then marched to Gundabad and threatened it away. Finally, he ended up at Esgaroth (Major Town/Tower of the Khand) and would have taken it unopposed. Kudos to Khand for decimating the entire eastern portion of the map. However, I do NOT believe the Khand/Corsairs/QA would have been able to stop Aragorn and the sons of Elrond from taking back all the Khand had conquered.

I picked up the SGondor nation for 1 turn before it was eliminated. Turn 15, I think. Over the next 4 turns I killed 9 Corsairs characters with Sickness and Dun agents and was in position to take over ALL of the pcs that the Corsairs had seized in that region. It was only a matter of time before I landed in the Havens of Umbar to put them to the question.

That snafu you mentioned, when both allegiances received all the turns of all our allies, allowed me to see the writing on the wall. Even though my trio was strong, the rest of the FP definitely were not, and that’s a credit to the DS side. It’s often a good strategy in GB to focus the pain rather than spreading it around because if 6 nations are dropped, it’s basically over as a game, no matter how strong one player with 3 nations is.

It sickened me to have to quit this game when I had made all the right moves before the end. But them’s there’s the breaks and that’s called Gunboat.