Game 402 Diplo Reminder!

Turn 16 is coming up this week, this is a diplo reminder.


Turn 21 coming out tomorrow, send in your diplos!!


Game 402 is over - well done to all involved, a great game.

I was playing nations 5 (Badgerrim), 6 (Naugrim) and 7 (Haradrim), and later in the game picked up 4 (Aerochronos) for a few turns. Who else was playing, and what positions were you in? I’m particularly keen to congratulate the Bronzed Reavers / Argent Brethren / Golden Bannermen for a long grindy fight in the south. There were moments when I thought the Naugrim were finished, but they just about clung on.


Nic Tall.

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Humble request. Please players talk a little tale of your game. :slight_smile:

It’s happening on Discord more than here…Do you have access to Discord?

Ah yes, Mikko here