Game 404 Diplo reminder!

Game 404 is a gunboat game so no chatter!

But this is a reminder that T1 is on us, so please send in your diplos today so you don’t forget!


It’s that time again in game 404, Turn 11 diplo! Please send it out, even bad news is better than no news (IMO).


It’s that time again! Game 404 Turn 16 is running this Friday, remember to send out a diplo!


Cant you all just not give up? This is getting complex

All? Everyone on both sides? We can’t ALL give up!

But if you mean everyone on the opposite side from me, whichever that is, I agree!

We could just call it draw?

Heck no, it is getting complex, and complex is fun.

Guess it must be going well for you.

Damn CM WM strategy. It is rather dull.

You must have a nice safe pair of nations! It does move more slowly but for me it takes as much figuring into each turn. But I do find it less exciting, shall we say.

My nations have been getting battered since turn 1. Quite frankly amazed we are still here.

New diplo due today:-)