Game 44 FA Gunboat

OK folks, so I was on the losing DS side (nations 22 and 23), so anyone like to own up to all the carnage? wouldn’t mind any final turns if folks would like to share so we can get an idea of what the map turned out like.

Finally if anyone wants to consider joining a team to take on Scott’s FA grudge match challenge let me know.

Hi, Jim! Hats off to you and your teammates for solid opposition.

This was a first-rate game, with great plays by both sides. I’ve lost track of how many turns came back with surprises.

Jim, I was the one who snagged your MT’s in our back-and-forth at 3710/ 3711/ 3612/ 3712, and it was fun skirmishing with you there. But with starting on the opposite end of the map, in the SW, you and overlapped only toward the end.

Early fights for me were with N16/ N17. He had some smart plays, too, and only after he went out was I able to push north. Next rounds were vs N18/N19, then with N21, which seemed re-invigorated by coordination with N20 and N22.

I’m happy to share turns and info. I’m especially curious about what the DS map looked like around T15 or so, before North and South connected.

Super fun. Thanks to all who played.

Dan N
N10 Sostol, N11 Revanir

Hi Jim and Dan

Thanks to all for the game. Ill share turns with those who want:-)

I played N4 and N5, and took over N6 in the late game. (Harlindon, Near Harad and Agmar.)

It was a tough and good game and appreciate the effort of the DS to keep on while on the defence.

I was on the brink of destruction several times in the early game as N16 and N17 realy made it difficult especially for Near Harad by excellent manouvers. If it wasnt for the good play of Sostol and Revanir and the economic support from them I think I would have lost the fight.

In the mid and late game the superagents of N19-N21 was a real pain and some blunders from me made my situation worse, many were doubled, but the toll was high…

Best regard,

N4 Ghost, N5 Dwindling (and N6 Aesir)

By the way, I could be interested in a Grudge match:-)

Or even a rematch, with switched starting locations between DS and FP…


I am trying to raise a team to take on scott’s challenge, would you like to join? thinking a team of 6, 2 nations each?

If you guys can get a team together I would be interested in joining.

Hi David

Can you send through an email address, Then I can loop everyone in.

At the moment we have myself, Simon Aalders and Martin Svendson (so with yourself 4 definitely in)
Dan Newman is thinking about it. My plan was for 6 players, 2 nations each.

Let me know if this works for you and if there is anyone else you could invite to join.