Game 48 DS Resignation

That’s just pathetic!

The Stiffbeards and Vanyar will call this a Freep win and move on.

Just wondering how many veteran players were on the DS side? I recognize the Vogon Poets from a few games I have been in.

The entire DS team starting in the north in winter could not of been easy either.

Anyway … Looking for a new one.

Good gaming to you.

Such a shame. And the DS have such an advantage of region layout, I expected them to clobber us, especially if they got the NE neutrals to join us. But even without that, the FP were split. Easy to hold off the southern FP while concentrating on rolling up Lorien, then Rohan, and the entire west.

Not enough conjure mounts I would guess. And apparently not putting down camps, considering our ongoing success.


I’ll consider this a TKO, thank you very much. Anyone wanting to form a group to take on the new 4th Age Grudge Match gang, let me know. Game 48, despite the clear victory, did not satisfy.


I had my entire starting setup bumbled so this added to some team strife. WE were bitching at each other from turn one.

Hardly any forum posts or replies on the team page, but there was one A** who did take the time to troll us. After that crap started I was done.

Sorry but it was doomed from the start.


I suppose we play the game for fun and if your not having fun then quitting is appropriate. It seems extraordinary that people would join a team game and then can’t get on with each other to the extent that they give up after 5 turns.

Who was trolling? A team member?