Game 48 (military)


game hasn’t started yet.

return in a week to post your dribble.


“your dribble”

Been waiting since July for this one to roll. Kinda like the feeling of higher stakes when there are not many games like this (FAS military) that will ever be played. Bring your best, gentlemen, ladies :slight_smile:

Greetings from the Neutral Nations of the Haladin of Rhun and the Knights of Nurnen in Eastern Mordor. This is a shared position, with myself running the Haladin of Rhun and @john running the Knights of Nurnen in Eastern Mordor.

We would like to talk to all players. Please email us both:

Raven Zachary:
John Davis:

Thank you.

Dribble dribble dribble.

Also welcoming all players in this game, even those pitiful Dark Servants. I can say to them truthfuly, “You’re momma is ugyl!”

Would love to hear from the neutrals in Umbar/Far Harad! Please write

Good gaming.

Hi to the neutrals in Umbar/Far Harad. I’m your next door neighbour. Get in touch so that we can start discussions.

David (

The children of Aule and the firstborn shall once again take to the field to defend Middle Earth for the coming age of men.

Evil nations of orcs and men, led by the once valiant North Kingdom of Arnor, this crown has fallen into darkness and it’s taint stretches all across northern middle earth. A battleline has been drawn and it shall be defended. Cross it at your peril.

I plead with the neutral nations of men - heed not the forked tongue of evil, for it has been decreed by Illuvatar that this realm belongs to men. Join us in expelling this vile refuse and then you may claim your dominion over these lands.

Faire ana ulcu-

Lots of familiar faces in this game. Greetings to all from the neutrals of Umbar and Far Harad. Looking forward to an interesting game. The Sahuagin and Sirens can be reached at

Good hunting,

Bob N.

PS dribble

Greetings Bob …

Been a couple games since we have been in one together. Good to see you are in this one, be us allied or opposed, this should be a fun scenario.

I am going to assume by the names of your nations - Sirens and Sahaugin - that you have chosen those nautical names as you are going to take to the seas upon those feared Umbarian ships of legend.

I can act as emissary between your people and the combined alliance of the Free People, if you wish. The Stiffbeards are true to their word and would demand the same of any Free nation.

Good fishing …

The Stiffbeards

Ron -

Ron, good to see you again. I have exchanged greetings with Jeremy but it is with Harondor that I need to talk. If you could assist with that it would be great.

Hope we get to work together again,


Hi Bob

I’ve already posted my email address on this site ( and sent you an email direct.

I would like to start discussions with you.

David (Harondor)

Why is the Evil team silent?

Nazgul got their tongues is my bet.

In case anyone is unaware, Umbar changed allegiance to good this turn. Abandon all hope ye dark servants and despair. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Lack of any contact from the Evil team to the two remaining Neutrals does not help their recruitment effort.

For posterity’s sake, the final two Neutral nations are in touch with the Evil team via email now.

Who needs eagles to come to the rescue when you have an ARMY of dwarves. Have at you Dark Siders!