Game 57 Ends with a draw!

Congratulations to everyone in game 57! A hard-fought game that was worthy of a draw.

I made a last dash for the One Ring but made two dumb errors so didn’t even have the chance to pick it up! :smile:

Thanks to all my DS allies for their dedicated defense of east Mordor these last 15-20 turns, which saved my bacon for sure!

Jeremy (Witch King / Dark Lieutenants)

@JeremyRichman1 How many turns was it?

It went to 52 turns, the most allowed. (Too bad by the way. I really liked it in the old days when there was no turn limit, games would sometimes go well above 100 turns.)


This one felt like it went 100 turns, so long in fact that I had forgotten which nations I started out with and what happened to them. Turns out I started with the Cloud Lord and Rhuduar but finished with the QA and also played the Dragon Lord for a time along the way. Great game on both sides of this one with the Cardy, Noldo, and Woody players being especial pains where I sit. If anyone wished to exchange turns send me an email to