Game 61

Game 61 has begun. I will be playing Rhudaur in this one. If you wish to be heard please send your messages to Suraklin98 at yahoo dot com.

Hi! playing Dunland here… my mail,

Good Luck to all the players! :slight_smile:

Clint (player) here. Nice to be in the game, playing Noldo/Cardolan so expect the unexpected.

BLIND sorcerer is now Only1 underscore 4 principal at yahoo dot com

I will be the conazgul of the north…move over muzzy…muwahahaha

Jz 15

Can one of the Lords of the Free contact me? I would especially like to hear from Arthedain or Cardolan. Suraklin98 at yahoo dot com


Greetings all. Sinda / Dwarves checking in.

Beware, the age of dwarven mages and elven weed smokers is coming.

The Corsairs would like to connect with their neighbours. Yes, that is spelled correctly…

Woodmen here. We will retake the Woods. Beware foul creatures at Greenwood.

Greetings all. The Quiet Avenger welcomes all communication with any unaligned neighbors.

No foul words from the DS? Darn, was hoping for blood to flow and bows to sing. Ah well, look to the North on the 3rd day… :slight_smile:

Clint (player)

Harad is being very rude. I didn’t send any Huge armies out at him:frowning:


We did warn him that it would be very ungentlemanlike (is that a word?!?!), but he wouldn’t hear any of it. He seemed quite angry - mentioning something about some foreign boats. Anyway, don’t look back in anger!

Brad I recomended you to read the rules again.

Your try at 2535 and 2730 is like a nooby player.

What you are doing really well is calling for help to Cloud and all others. It is not usual there are more than 4 assassins arround Harad and the curse square since turn 4. (playing T 7 now)

May I ask to DS what are they doing without curses and agents help in all over the Middle Earth?

Brad you might learn how to play Harad to kill (for example Woodies G 90 … :wink: ) or play Quiet Avenger to kill Harad (G 4), or even Harad to drive Corsairs crazy.

And of course, another nation you have to keep playing is Corsairs. Shouting DS to support you against other neutral nation. I love this “kind of team players” managing all the resources assassins and curse from the team when some other nations are dying.

I really surprise about the others DS like sheeps behind the wolf

My last question is why are you asking for the name list everytime? Dont you like me?

Jose Ramon Herrero from Harad G61 (LR G63, QA G51 and Dark L G66) Here you have my list.

[edited. sigh.]

The list was the 6% - a silly joke about Clint’s bad math.

The Corsairs attack on Harad was simply an opportunity jumped at when the DS said “Sure, we’ll do X and Y and Z and see how it goes”. The FP got to me a bit here and a bit there, showing that they weren’t sharing those conversations amongst themselves. Then they told me that 1 player would handle the conversation with me. That one player never got in touch - so I had to make my presumptions and act on them.

Don’t take things personally…


Brad of Umbar

Haruth, I like you!

Indeed you are not a noob and I appreciate your efforts to try and piece together the events of late. I feel I should set the record straight for your own piece of mind.

Your southern neighbor did not ask for help. I offered it!

It is my sole mission to ensure economic equality in my territories and in this case, you were becoming to rich for your own good. So for your own good, I am silently equalizing the playing field. I feel no need to flaunt my particular skills, just prefer keeping things on the down low.

I did not begin the equalization process until T6, not T4 as you feel. If you reflect back, you will notice I was entertaining the EO and the Gondors during that time period.

Only recently I have dedicated a special interest in the south and all in the name of being fair. You are too rich and populous that I had too take action.

But I am fair and generous with my actions. I invite you, Haruth, to return to your cap and let’s have a sit down and a heart to heart to determine how many toons you really need to run your nation. I promise to be generous and fair. Afterall, I have a busy schedule and other appointments to keep; my time is precious.

Til we meet again, keep your coffers full,

Your best friend, Ji

Well Ji,

You are always wellcome to my pop centers (as they look like your favorites), if you spend your time there, you are not in other areas where I see DS are suffering a lot.

About my gold I dont see stole acctions for now. I will prepare my self for that.

I suppose Darkies are needed gold because of your last buyout action was break (dont know who sells steal … ;)) and the really low prices at market.

Have fun my best friend.


It just occured to me that my greatest ally in this game is one of my greatest enemies in another game. Isn’t this fun.

Harad. We are now redundant - the two of us exclusively on our own maps, 23 other nations waging a World War and we’re down here, picking ouselves up off the mat and staggering off to whack at each other ad nauseum.


A New Year’s update on the redundant battle in the South. Harad has more friends than I do, apparently. Shame they couldn’t find a way to give the Eothraim a navy - I do prefer the red over the SG yellow.

Turn 17 is happening tomorrow. The map is starting to get messy…

The Nazgul and their minions head for the hills. Victory despite overwhelming 11-14 odds to the Free People!

My own North Gondor was down to three characters, two of whom were half cursed to death.