Game 63

I salute You all brave nations of Middle-Earth!

The mighty neutral kingdom of Easterlings of Khand can be reached by sending messages to:

We’ll welcome all emissaries and diplomats willing to negotiate with us.

Greetings to you noble Easterlings, don’t listen to the lies of the Eye!

This is my first time in 1650 at playing a Free Peoples nation.

I am playing the Arthedain against a pre-aligned Rhudaur/Witch King combo:D:cool:

Hallas of Cardolan noting that I have been here before and am happy that the valiant Dunlendings and their excellent cavalry will be on the side of the Valar this time.

Dwarves checking in

Noble Arthedain,

We are in this fight together and in the same neighborhood, so let’s talk.

Hail to the Lords of Middle Earth. I am representing the tribes and city states of Harad. I can be reached at

Also, I have been in contact with the mighty Corsairs of Umbar. He can be reached at;

The Sinda are looking for good allies and worthy enemies. Fight well, my foes, your doom is written in the stars but you’ll gain honour for putting up a good fight!

Corsairs, Easterlings and Harad - I’d welcome contact on “michael at grazebrook dot com”

Both Jim and you on my borders Matt? Why do the ME gods test me so? Glad to see you both. I have the QA in this game and will be in touch just as soon as I have had some coffee. In the meantime my contact is;

David House

Hello James and Matt.

Do not listen to lies of Suraklin he’s a meanie:p

The Dark Servants are just after your wealth and your Major Towns, they will take you in and spit you out!

Join with the Free Peoples in a unified front of mutual support and trading of excellent resources, much money will be made!

The Corsairs can easily steamroller over the weak Quiet Avenger position and gain her meager lands.


Rubbish. Follow the eye and the world shall be yours. Don’t listen to that bunch of farmers and fishmongers.

I, Urzahil, will send out my emmisaries to greet you in your great halls.

Guys if you can be kind enough to feedback about this variant it’s a test game so I’d love to find out what you think about it.


Are those variants in the start?
Or maybe you change some % of anything like dragons, armies or something like that, maybe new riddles?

we are currently at T2 and I saw nothing new

Jose from Long Rider

It looks like Rhudaur left the front door unlocked. Knock, knock. Is anybody home?

Knock, knock. Eothraim or Arthedain home?

Jose Ramon playing as a Long Rider this time.

I have eyes and fingers when you find me at joserra_7 hotmail dot com

Wish you a long and good game.

Jose Ramon Herrero from Long Rider.

Adunaphel the Quiet Avenger wishes to communicate with the new Lord of Haradwaith. Please contact me at Suraklin98 at yahoo dot com

Adunaphel. I see you are sending some of your minions over to converse. About time. I wonder how many of your allies are planing on surprising me at the conference hall?

Your loud friend has had some success in the North. As you two get along famously, I suspect you’re already dusting off your skis in preparation for an extended stay…? There is lots for us to talk about…


Hello Dark Servants, why did you quit?

We were having such a nice game. What happened it can’t have just been WK getting kicked out of Angmar surely, was it Rhudaur too or did you lose more positions???