Game 71

I am Dunland in this one. Suraklin98 at yahoo dot com

Blind Sorcerer. hereward at thegrid dot net

Cloud Lord

helvorn at yahoo dot com

WK here. as at iki dot fi

Northern Gondor present !!

Ready to fight hard.

Love this nation to fight in the first line of Mordor !!!

Jose from Northern Gondor.

Eothraim here - ah a life in the saddle…lets see how fast we can burn through those very expensive armies!

‘Only those mobile enough to scavenge and brutal enough to pillage will survive’

Simon of the plains!

Elrond here. Looking for contact with all neutrals.

Dark scum beware. The twins are coming.

ulrik dot bisgaard at hotmail dot com

The Northmen would be delighted to open diplomatic communications with any neutrals, especially the Easterlings. michael at grazebrook dot com.

WK calling Rhudaur. We need to talk.

You do? The leaders of Rhudaur know how this film ends!

Rhudaur, come join your friends the Eothraim. Stay away from the frozen North, as an incentive we have loads of free horse manure. Does wonders for your potato crop! :slight_smile:

The Corsairs here.

New player, or back again from the early 90ties that is.

I am relearning the game and are thankfull of tips, bribes and suggestion on future actions and paths. Just get in touch.

Seeking contact with the Harads our good nighbours.

Get in touch at ma-sv at frisurf dot no


Hello from the Long Rider. Aptly named, I would say, as the rides are long between Dagorlad and the Sea of Rhun, north of Ered Lithui.

raven at rinzai dot com for all game correspondence.

Greetings from the Eastelings! Had a little problem getting registered on the forum.

You can reach me at: stevep7806 at sbcglobal dot net

My communication’s skill is a bit like the Easterling nation, all of the place like road apples!


Woodmen checking in with advice to all visitors to the Green Wood: do not annoy the bears. They are irritable and always hungry.

Game over after turn 19. DS victory.

I would love to get some perspectives from the players involved on all sides. I was the Long Rider, this was my first game back after a 27-year break from the game. I was lucky to have some great mentors on the DS team to get me up to speed. Excellent team communication and coordination. Yes, it helped to have a 4-1 split on the Neutrals. I am sorry that it didn’t break 3-2 or 2-3 for balance.

Well played to everyone, especially the Free for hanging in very tough despite the neutral split.

I’d be open to a file exchange if folks are interested.

Matt Ashley CL

For those that prefer a pre-aligned game the next game is 2 away from filling, with 12v12 (no Easterlings). It’s also got a champion for each nation.