Game 72 ENDS


I played 4/1…

Can we post yet?

I played SG.
Getting pummeled at the end by Corsairs after agents did their damage (including destroying my navy)
Economy was good…

what happened /? why did DS fold? they were holding the Northgate–they kept cursing every army sent.

that’s the beauty of gunboat right? I don’t know!
I do know that when i scryed Mordor there were freep pop centers and when I tried to steal I came up empty.
QA was gone but Cloud Lord was active at least until very recently


I played 4-1

early game I remember witch trying to get my back field(4) and I caught him and destroyed after loosing 0807- he then vanshied and reappeared at 0808 where I got him. 4 never had any pressure after that except some late game emmy strike on villages.

Dog and dragon were entrenched in the 02/04 row mountains north of mirkwood, battle raged until last turn when I flipped and hired at 2904, the Dragon capital. Dog held 3105 after many battles for it. I had uvatha doubled and was going to get him after the 02 row was flipped.

Overall a good game.

Any questions please

thank you to all opponents for a good game,

So slow on the report!

I was Cardolan/Sinda/Noldo.

In the end i had three Cardolan MT’s in Mordor, two curse squads and an agent squad all doing whatever they liked, a whole heap of artefacts and free armies forming all over the place, and an emis squad flipping MT’s…

Was stealing 20,000+ a turn and offing two or three main characters and had a lot of troops heading into Mordor. Their last dragon took out one Cardolan army at the black gate but had other coming in, plus sinda armies too.

Was a close run thing with the Sinda and we had two brilliantly timed financial help packages from NG that enabled us to survive the Dragon Lord and Agent onslaughts.

A really good game and a great team effort.


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