Game 73

Raven…errr…Elrond of the Noldo Elves here. Reaching out to all Neutrals to begin the dialogue early. Let’s talk. There is much to discuss.

Raven Zachary,

And here’s the Cloud Lord. So, Elrond - where exactly are you ? Lords of Dunland, Rhudaur, Harad, Easterlings and Corsairs, my assassins stand ready to help allies and hinder foes. They love the squeal of elves and the grunts of dwarves… if you have ideas on targets then lets talk !

Easterlings checking in. Neutral this time.

Jim of the Rhudaur, you can send offers (the more extravagant the better) to james underscore sparkes at hotmail dot com

Corsairs at esko dt saura at gmail dt com. Very eager to hear from Haradwaith, South Gondor and Quiet Avenger.

T5 and everything just exploded. I actually feel a bit bad for Noldo… its tough to lose Elrond and Cirdan on the same turn. Well, thats what happens when you try to pick up OUR ARTEFACTS :wink:

Well played. It stings, but the game moves on. There were tough choices to be made in those hexes. Sometimes the choices work in your favor, and other times, they do not.

So now erestor and Argeleb are with their friends too ;). And so glad Sinda didn’t refuse at dol guldur… you might have taken it otherwise. Maybe sinda is secretly on our side?

and i’m sorry to say (actually i am not) that Elrohir is now also pushing up daisies. Its not personal Noldo, i promise… you just keep on taking our artefacts… i did warn you :wink:

long time since the last post… in fact 20 turns or so. Its been action packed hasnt it ?! Kudos to the FP for giving us a hard time with some sustained pressure… and I’m very glad we got 3 of the neutrals to join us. I’m not quite calling it our victory yet… but i think the pendulum has swung against the FP… and i cant see it swinging back. Not now that we have 3 curse squads, dozens of killer agents, and emmy squads-a-plenty :slight_smile: It’d be fun to share a post mortem once we’re done if you’re up for that


How come this game has not ended? Ohh, cuz the Free are in much better standing than the DS intel has shown. I’m losing track of the major pc’s we have and Mordor is down to just two original DS caps.

Let’s compare:
DS curse squads and agents kill at will and are quite effective
DS emmys are quite effective
DS armies are few and mostly inept
DS nations still have 9 alive but most importantly, FOUR are eliminated
DS major PC’s hover in the mid 20’s so they can scramble and transfer when needed

Free sickness/weakness teams are multiple and growing
Free agents are close to DS numbers and continuing to develop
Free emmys, are a bunch and quite effective
Free nations eliminated: NONE
Free nations alive: Twelve
Free armies: quite a few and mostly effective
Free Major PC’s: double whatever the DS have. :grin:

With only 3 DS original capitals still intact ( very soon that will change) and we are playing a game of take and retake and I foresee this going on unitl T52.

With 90 and 100 skill rank characters a dime a dozen in this game, will the weener be the side with the most kills or the side with the most characters and most pc’s and economic value? Hmm we have 12 nations and DS have 9. I’m not a mathematician, but it does not look like good for the minions. And the last I checked, winners are generally the side that has the most pc’s, characters, wealth and troops. I’m will to wait it out. But by all means, enjoy those curses and kills, afterall, you need something to feel good about. :smiley:

Atagavia, still alive at T35!!

It is a challenge for sure. But we haven’t lost a nation in something like 20 turns? So you’ve had the advantage for a while but still can’t eliminate us.

I’m looking forward to the after game review. Should be a fun ending.

LR 73

Does anybody really feel they are going to eliminate anyone else?

Both sides are very well developed economically speaking and both sides are taking it to each others homeland. Soon, the Free will own Mordor and the DS will own Gondor.

Now if we could just trade, I give you three of my 30c and 1 multi skill for one of your 90 agents, then that might make this game a wee bit more interesting. Oh wait, we are making interesting with those little guys. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Whoever said that agents guard at double skill must have been some gamer that wanted to feel like they actually knew something. Not even close.

CL rountinely blows through 70 pt agent guards in this game with his 90 agents. :rage::rage:
So that double theory is out the window.

Not all that bad though for the Flag of the Free.
Yes, we lost 14 heroes this turn, but we did win out in the collection and destruction of major pc’s. And this turn, Fire boy, better find a new home. I hear the weather is nice down south.

Oh and Darky, you might want to call your real estate agent as well. :grinning:

Atagavia, alive and making reservations for Umbar!