Game 74 - And so it begins!

Well I have received my turn and the game will begin.

Long Rider signing in with no Easterlings in game…

Neutrals are all pre-aligned so I have to larf at the Duns:bash::fork:

Hello Northmen:stab::fork::bash:

Woodmen/ Noldo waving hello.

Nice boats!

So, Something happened and the “aligned” neutrals are Neutrals again and Easterlings is back in play?:confused:

Clint knows about it. I’m sure it’ll get fixed.

Fixed, check out the reprint


Thanks, Clint!

I don’t like the reprint. None of my new characters have stealth and my gold production didn’t change. Sucks.

Brad O’Lan

What does this mean Brad? Have I missed something? It’s reprint not an order change/reprocess. I just fixed the relations and removal of the Easterling pcs and had to move one army that was blocked by the should-ve-been removed Easterling army. So I’ve done that, are there any other issues or you just having a “Brad” moment. As normal this is all done by hand so I ask that you check it and feedback if there are any issues.

Every moment is a Brad. Feel free to add stealth and gold production, and I’ll post smiley’s…

Another turn done twice and no added trinkets to my nation. Maybe I’m not paranoid…hmmm.

Meanwhile, in the real world - Uvatha’s hiding on the edge of the map while assassins range to Goblin Gate. Considering all the possible targets, one must wonder why the killers are so far from key theatres. Oh, are the FP inside Mordor burning stuff…? On Turn 3…??? Nah, can’t be…

Hello fellows

Dark Lieutenants/Gervasio Rossini
Little late
Cheers from DS.

Uvatha’s hiding no longer I’ve got him out burning!

Elgaer 4415 is dust:D:bash:

I’ll see your Elgaer and raise you a Dol Guldur.

Ah but you didn’t raise did you its still there, albeit in Woodie hands.

Now Elrond as an Emissary and not a Curser, I haven’t seen that lately.

Congratz DS for the victory, had alot fun playing this game.
Congratz noldor for surviving the hunt.
Thank you FP for been good enemys and if someone on your side want to exchange turns please send me private message.
See you all in next game.

Grats to the DS… you played a blinder (No pun intended).

A really enjoyable game.

Good to see how you kept the WK going and building back up.

thanks for the fun.

Dave Pearson

One game ends and another begins. Seeking the best players for the upcoming FAS, Game 48. The usual dance for LAT on The Ring of Wind and Ring of Curufin and the Spirit Mastery artifacts won’t go down the same way in this one. It’d be smarter to anticipate general warfare and total chaos. No nations, like the Noldor and Blind Sorcerer, kicking back to build while their compadres bleed it out on the front lines. The front lines will be everywhere. And how about those neutrals? Instead of being the small fry in the world, they have a chance to steamroll all! My gut tells me the Fourth Age is where it’s at for a gut-wrenching war. Seven players, taking two nations each, and we can get this rolling before the first leaves fall in September.

Thanks for a fun game.

At the end of it as NG was quite painful try to make orders :frowning: :frowning:

Former EO and NG.