Game 74

Rhudaur sucks. Dragon Lord sucks. Witch King sucks.

There. I said it. I want you all to DIE. Isn’t it great we can come here and say that…?


Maybe you want to usae this post

Just a thought.

I have same feelings though.

That was so long ago. At least I spellded “74” rite.

How nice of you ! Death is quick.

Actually we all want you to suffer so much you would beg us to kill you :bash:

Hi! we love you all Brad, kisses… sinda elves? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Northmen are still in although Eothraim went bankrupt.

Cheers Long Rider.:cool:

I enjoy a lot this game. Hope Freeps don’t surrender soon and we play a really good a long game.

Jose from a Dark Server of Sauron.

It’s hard to start a 12 v 12 down a nation from Turn 0. We have a good feel for the odds, but there are lots of things to do still. If things start to topple over quickly, we might have to reconsider.