Game 77 Gunboat ends with FP win

First gunboat game, but had played since the old GSI days in the beginning. Got back into the game about a year ago. |Funny to see some of the same names from all those years ago.

Sinda/\Cardolan here, was a quick and interesting game. Be happy to share files with anyone, kind of interested to see how things went in the south. The north was quick and decisive win against Rhudar and the WK, Rhudar did some early damage taking my backup capital and the Dun capital it seems, but moving those troops out of the region ended up hurting him in the long run I think. With Arthedain, Cardolan, Dwarves, and Woodmen attacking, they got swarmed.

Sinda took Dol Guldur a few turns ago and was building up a nice army. Not a lot of excitement there. Big party at DG with Din O showing up, but would have been interesting to see it play out. I guess there was great success in Mordor and vs Corsairs.

Maybe we meet again
Ned Merrick

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I played Dwarves/ northmen….very fun game.

Caught the dog army early in the east, was keeping the LOR at bay only loosing a few towns, and ready to retake with Bain this and next turn. Din very quiet except during the first few turns.

Northmen and Dwarf took all starting Dragon PC’s except 2609/2715 by T4. I burned 3822 T-4 I think…then sinda took him out. NICE.

NM had armies in Rhu after helping to take Goblin Gate. Dwarf and NM cleaned RHu out as cardy arrived to hammer him. WE swarmed the NW, it was fun. NM/Dw had armies at the gate twice–second time last turn 5k got wiped by dragon,… 2 turns before at 3716 I lost 5K to dragon but someone else arrive to take PC back from DKL.

I liked playing GB 1650 with a hero or whatever its called- 3 order dude.

My allies played very well. Whoever played Woodie killed it, all Mt upgraded by turn 7? I was shocked


Great fun, played Noldo / Harad combo.

Initial turns saw Noldo ship artifacts south. including the mantle. Turn 1 Corsairs blocked out at chokepoint. 2535 was hidden turn two and thwarted them again.
Thanks to an early landing by SG who headed towards 2438. Corsairs sailed home to repel.
This allowed Harad time to remove ports.
Noldo was raped every turn to keep Harad equipped with armed troops (equalising numbers) and cavalry Lots and lots of cavalry. Not to mention war machines.

Noldo managed 15 camps, gained 175 and 188 got curse squad going. 4 of 9 learnt.

Commiserations to the QA player. You did nothing wrong in my eyes. Max recruited etc, it was just timing. All QA attacks were repulsed, and still recruiting cavalry on the fly to capture 3034. Army was loaded with mages and backups with weapons.

The last few turns, saw the Corsairs start to sink. Even with the recruitment of former Dragon lord agents, Khamul, & Celedhring, Harad was still making progress capturing two MT’s.
Mainly in part to having commanders a plenty, and a Noldo agent company arriving on scene.

Look forward to the next one…


I was Rhudaur/CloudLord, and kudos to North Gondor for snaking that cavalry army around to the south of Mordor to take me out!

However, to the comment about Rhudaur sending his troops and destroying 1614 and 1817, that’s about as good as Rhudaur can ever hope to accomplish! If he just defends his homeland, he gets toasted without ever having done anything to injure the FP! (IMO)

Jeremy Richman

Plus, I had my exit strategy, when Rhudaur took the CloudLord backup, he had over 80,000 in gold and was very well set!

Too bad the Corsairs lost in the south, that plus my not guarding the CloudLord back door was what did us in.