Game 80 Goes to the Free

I would like to congratulate the DS team for a very competitive game. Thank you much!
And thanks to my teammates for not dropping and competing for over a year against a fine opponent.

And I would like to recognize the nations that I personally felt their significance at some point during the competition. First, I played positions NG, Eo and Noldo.

Early on, kudos go out to the player that orchestrated Mordors defense, the FK/IK/BS. That guy did a fine job as he complimented the Dog and DrkL defense in a timely manner. Numerous times, Eo/NG failed to break thru due to a well supported defense. And it really did not help when the DrgL/DrkL went w/a combo spirit mastery team and took out more than one army around Morannon and the Eoplex.

In the northwest, the Noldo experienced much disappointment that culminated with the loss of Elladan as he pinged off of Camith Brin on T12 due to the Dwarves not attacking. My only solace that turn was we eliminated Rhudaur as the Duns were doing their part. Lesson learned, don’t come to a party if you are not prepared to party.

With Rhudaur the first to go down, the Noldo found the WK trying the ol back door plan and that was a good move in that it delayed Noldo from moving to help in the south. Once Durkarian was dealt with, I guess the Arthy cleaned up the northwest as Witchy poo was eliminated soon thereafter and the world of the Free was beginning to take shape.

Finally, when the Noldo were poised to make their move south, the CL brought an army good enough to take Imladris had I used the Mantle, which I had every intention of using that very turn. But I was not willing to give up Imladris so easily and decided to keep it hidden and let the Eoplex take it’s lumps from a pestering DrgL/DrkL attack and I just hoped that the Woodys or the Arthy or the Card or the Dwarf would contain that army. NG and Eo were in dire need of any form of military help soI decided to move the Noldo cav south to aid Gondor instead of chase that CL army around. And this decision saved the Dunland capital.

As Noldo cav moved south, low and behold, they ran into a CL cav army w/war machines and strong enough to take out the Duns cap. Your welcome. :hugs:

That failed attempt by the CL, bought them time and really hurt the reinforcement efforts for Eo and NG as I could feel the heat of the FK bearing down upon Gondor and the Eoplex. They had retaken the entire east side and were converging on the Eoplex. However, I needed to find out where that CL cav came from and it could only be 1 of 2 hexes, which I quickly located and the Noldo cav eventually took out a CL town in the Mtns east of Isengard. Nice idea and good try though.

Alas, the Noldo curse company made it’s impact and those stealthy agents and well developed emmys began to earn their keep. That is what saved Gondor to some degree. The other help came in the form of the Northmen and Sinda. Sinda creativity placing a City/keep @ 3017 began to pay dividends as the game wore on. Very ballsy I might add! Was this JR?

In the end, the Noldo cav finally arrived at Morannon and the DS finally conceded. And rightfully so. The combined character action going on inside Mordor and the loss of Morannon gave them few MT’s to transfer to keep nations alive. And NG was poised to put the bridge up and/or sail across with enough troops to take the FK cap, in spite of the return south of the DrgL curse team and the newly formed BS curse team. I was sorta happy the DrgL cursers and agents were harassing the Woody instead of hovering around the Eoplex, but overall, I think we just had too many different options to throw against them at this point.

Not sure what the Duns, Card and Dwarves were doing the last 12 turns as WK and Rhu were eliminated months ago. I figured Harad and SG were dealing with the QA and Corsairs. NG did their part as Vinyarin killed Adunaphel is an honorable fight.

Once Again, Thanks Everyone!
See you all in another game.

Dan Cosby

Hi Everyone

I tip my hat off to the DS, especially to my main counterpart who played Quiet Avenger Long Rider and Corsairs. A good fight.

Congrats to my FP teammates, it was difficult to follow what whas happening elsewhere in Middle-earth except Rhudaur and Witch King were soon defeated.

@Dan : my Duns helped conquer Rhudaur militarily and found nothing left of the WItch King, then I played mostly a character game with them to help in the south (emissaries/agent companies).
Thanks for protecting my Dun capital, I saw some armies moving around but supposed they were all free going south.

Southern Gondor, Haradwaith (what’s left of it) and Dunlendings.

Just got signed up. Played 4, 5 & 8. First off, apologies to Noldo about Elladan. Plain error by whoever was typing in, then not effectively proof reading Dwarves’ orders!

Played a spirited WK/Rhudar/CL opponent. CL provided strong assistance. By turn 17/18 about 10 characters on my combined team were hostages. With frequent kills added in, it was difficult keeping up the character numbers.

On T8 the Dwarves had 4k+ HI on 2008 lead by Bain challenge rank 198, who got killed by Arfanhil in a challenge… That lead to a delay in killing off Rhudar. If the Rhudar player reads this, I am interested in what Arfanhil’s rank was.

WK was very aggressive and camped, then improved 1609 right off the bat. However, the force commitment allowed Arthedain to take out 1905 and 1907 early.

Then WK took and improved 0907. Arth/Cardo did not take back until T14. By turn 17 Arthedain and Dwarves HC (yep ponies) were on Carn Dum with a bunch of war machines. Unfortunately, the WK moved onto Fornost Erain with just about everybody, a dragon and Ji Indur (and friends). Luckily WK seems to have gone bankrupt around T19 and the Arthedain capital survived.

On T21, the Dwarves burned the Cloud Lord MT at 2207, the Dwarves HC then took off after Cloud Lord Commander Hannibal, who was crossing the mountains to the east with a sizable cavalry force at Goblin Gate.

On T22, Falin challenged Sunny, a cloud lord agent lying in wait for the Dwarves cavalry. The base 50 scout for characters for Dwarves is a useful skill. The pony riders could not stop Hannibal from burning the Woodmen capital, but did catch them at 2605 the turn after.

Meanwhile, Cardolan had a sizable agent company under Hallas roaming around Mordor and places south, while setting up a recruiting base east of the Misties. At game stop the Arthedain had its steel clad cavalry at 3019, with lots of food and 49 war machines.