Game 81

Ah, 2 weeks to wait before the senses come alive again~!

The feel of the sword in one hand, your throat in the other.
The wailing and begging of your women and children, as we slaughter our way through your streets.
The sight of your cities crumbling, the terrified club-waving children as they fall around us.
The taste of your blood.
The stench…er…sweet aroma…of Death.

Oh, and Happy New Years to you all~!


Is Game 81 the next 1650 opening? I haven’t seen this one listed yet.

79 is waiting to start. This is a grudge.


Aha! Have fun.

We shall - last grudge went 20+ turns I hope this one runs close but ultimately results in a win for this TEAM. We are ready for a great game.


An ally bested my poorly hacked haiku’ish blatherings:

The Eye proclaims change,
As the Tides of Mordor flow,
Middle Earth turns Dark!

Thanks so much to the Dragon Lord for generously upgrading Dol Guldur just in time for our threat. And thanks to the people of Dol Guldur for their generous welcome.
You’ve assembled an impressive force at Fennas Drúnin! Angmar’s getting interesting.
What’s Gondor to do with all the bridges down?

Fennas Drunin has it’s annual book fair going on. With all this extra business the parking lots are gauging terribly. We’re looking into the situation, thanks for your concern.

I do have a few recommendations for Gondor. I’m sure She has told you the same on occasion, so I’ll leave you the blanks. I will note that I do not recall any blind challenges to this point and Caranthir’s behaviour is…odd. Testing the land route to Olbamarl theory that I last heard about in the 90’s…? Personally, I would like to thank them for a couple extra MT’s. Good for the bottom line.

When’s the last time you saw a Harad look like this so early? Soon enough I suppose they’ll be coming for me…


Carenthir does seem to be a little unconventional, doesn’t he? What on earth is Gondor doing in QA land yet ignoring Mordor? If you’re the QA, then quake in your boots - Carenthir does seem to be coming for you!

Given Harad took on 2 nations without support, he’s lost surprisingly little. You’d have thought that after 5 turns he’d have lost all South Harad.

Alas my nation isn’t really the blind challenging sort. Cudos for the raid on the South Gondor capital, though.

I will not give you Harad taking on two nations without support! He has most assuredly been given the support with the blood of North Gondor, South Gondor, as well as the Sinda! And those resources spent in trying to defend Harad, are resources not committed to moving against Mordor, proper. And that is certainly a victory of sorts, no? ; )

Regardless, your collective efforts here in the South have made the time here less boring, and for that, I thank you!

We’re supporting him now, for a while, but he fought alone for the first 5 turns. A tough battle. And now it gets interesting with assassins everywhere and what feels like half the DS nations involved.

Only 5 of us… We’re bored, Gondor’s cowering on the far side of big river. Need something to do - Aha~! Harad~!

As the summer approaches the good people of Harad are preparing themselves for yet another season where hordes of tourists from both near and far descend upon our sleepy seaside towns and try and wreak all sorts of havoc. Why only last week a trio of drunken rabble-rousers fresh in from some mountain hell hole, tried to steal a swan shaped pedalo and damage the port! Shocking behaviour; we have written in the strongest terms to their parents, Messers Murazor and Urzrahil to reprimand them for their behaviour. Although it was probably a ‘stag-do’ prank the local town centre rangers maintain a strict ‘no unauthorised pedalo…erm…peddling…’ in the harbour area!
On the plus side local traders are reporting a bumper year in band aid sales from all the scrapes and scratches the various tourist groups seem to be picking up as they move from town, to village to camp across the whole riviera area!

Our sleepy seaside towns in the North are sure that they will also have the pleasure of the multitudes and have promised the warmest and most friendly of welcomes. Our new Tourist Board motto is

‘You are all welcome to stay, we have thousands of six foot plots to rest in’

I’m having fun in Harad. When thousands of my troops don’t come back, my propaganda bureau fakes post cards to the families, recruitment is at an all time high~!

@Brad_Brunet, @Sildereth, @Ahtunowhiho and others:

My dear opponents,
You put up a good fight. Seldom does a modern game make it past turn 20.
Congratulations especially to the Corsairs - we planned from the outset to go after you and in the end you forced us to retreat.
There’s a twinge of disappointment that we never got to see how our grand strategy play to attack Morannon in force at the end of the game would have played out. We were massing a coordinated attack from many nations and hoping to add a Dun hero tooled up to slay dragons. It would have been glorious …

Would you be willing to swap all turns for the game? There are many things I’m curious about. Any individual player can of course opt out.

Michael Grazebrook, counselor to North Gondor

Great battle guys! Your agent game was top form. That was (for me anyway) a back breaker. Would be happy to exchange files amongst our teams if all are on board on my side. Anyway, congratulations on your victory and hope to see you in game with, or against, again soon.

~ Kevin
aka Corsairs and Quiet Avenger

We’ve exchanged files. Anyone who hasn’t accessed them can contact me.