Game 82 ends

Thanks for the great allies on the DS, was an interesting game. I would be interested and sharing turns and files with the FP. I can give you access to our for the same favor.

Be happy to discuss the game also. There were certainly some key points in the game with dragons and agents. Neutrals certainly helped, thanks to Simon, Doug, and Raven for helping turn the tide.

Ned Merrick
Long Rider and Dragon Lord

Let’s hold off on sharing files for a few days and determine if we want a rematch.

I know we were a way below average opponent for this game, but we are pretty confident we can provide a much better game if you want to split the neutrals and play a 12vs12 game.

Obviously your team is much better at recruiting neutrals than we are. Kudos to your team for your play even without the neutrals.


Dog Lord here, this was my first game and I learned plenty. Thanks for that. As for neutrals, the only one I communicated with directly as a neutral was Raven, and that was more him being generous with his time to a newbie, Thanks again Raven. As for a rematch, that seems unlikely as most of the DS team either already has, or will be starting other games soon. See you on the battlefield, maybe as an ally next time. Cheers :slight_smile:
Dog Lord game 82

Izg brus a catapult, give izish izub shaparbalaum izg nargzab or izg will kasta a dur shakamub na latob kri