Game 82

Dunland in this one.

Haradwaith in this one.

Greetings all!

Easterlings for me!

Turn 9 already! Am I the last Neutral to choose? Rhudaur has vanished.

Nobody has ever heard from Rhudaur. Turn 9 and the DS are making their push - oh wait, their Nootruls are making their push…? Someone named Skippy, or something, is drifting off shore. Maybe I’ll row out to talk with the pirate lad. Silly boy.

Hi. Dog Lord in this game. Raven, have you decided which way you are going yet?

Haradwaith is happily self-partnered at this time.

The Free Peoples say;yoda

The scum sucking Servants say; evil

Whom do you trust? Yoda or some dude in a sewer?


Haha! If I end up joining the FP, it will be primarily because of this post.

I agree with your logic.
since this is my first game ever. I’m curious what you are thinking. My thoughts are that I’d be happy to have you as a team mate. If you go free people it balances the game because we got Simon and Doug. The only downside to that is you are kinda isolated. But the freeps can support you with their remaining navy. How long do neutrals stay neutral usually?

Turn 3-6 seems most common in my experience. I saw Haradwaith wait until Turn 8 in one of my games recently. That felt long. I have not seen a Neutral wait until Turn 10+ outside of Fourth Age yet (other than me in Game 82).

Something funny is going on here. The FP clearly have charisma and personality. The DS have whiskey. Harad simply…can’t decide…

I do appreciate the dilemna. For the record, I’m drinking whiskey right now - come to Toronto and look me up - we can settle this quickly…

Ignore this - I posted to the wrong forum.

Haradwaith will remain Neutral for Turn 12. You can point and laugh at me again.

no pointing or laughing. But I will offer a PSA that spending too much time sitting on the fence eventually leads to getting splinters in your bum. :slight_smile:
cheers mate :slight_smile:

You cannot resist our cuteness!

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Dread Dan finally checking in!
Sorry I’m a little slow with technology (I rely heavily on KippyKit et al to steer me in the right direction in such matters). Fortunately for me I’m pro at crushing my enemies, seeing them driven before me, and hearing the lamentations of the women.
I’ve learned in joining the forums that I seem to be facing at least two esteemed opponents from game 81 here. I need to delay my next game start to get into a new rotation! Lol
I know it is the wrong thread, but cheers to you Brad, and Kevin on a game well played.
And Brad, just so I can get a good read on you, what kind of whiskey were you drinking? My tastes vary, but I’ve got a glass of Angels Envy atm. :slight_smile:



Watch this!

Bloody hell Raven that was hilarious! Thanks for that.
Is it just me or did that sound like Elmer Fudd singing??


Dragon Lord and Long Rider here. Got to be tired of all my Dragon pets by now…